Use surgical in a sentence

Use surgical in a sentence. How to use the word surgical in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word surgical. How to use “surgical” with example sentences

Definition of surgical

Examples of surgical in a sentence

*** Now, it is a routine surgical technique.

*** Above, a surgical resident (rear) examines x-ray photographs of the patient while the anesthesiologists (foreground) make the necessary preparations.

*** Tonsils that become inflamed and chronically enlarged require surgical removal (tonsillectomy)

*** Objective To study the surgical therapeutic method of perianal abscess in one stage.

*** The location and treatment of the canal isthmus may be a prerequisite for successful surgical endodontics.

*** They are most effectively treated early in life by surgical excision or scraping.

*** Persons with this tendency should always report the fact before having a tooth extracted, or undergoing the most minör surgical procedures, so that transfusions of the proper blood type can be available.

*** A muscular weakness may be present at birth; a hernia may develop in infancy from straining—for example, in whooping cough; it may result from lifting a heavy object or other overstraining, or during childbirth, or because tissues have not healed adequately after a surgical operation.

*** Surgical repair is the most thorough and certain treatment.

*** Injection, if effective, eliminates the need for a surgical operation, although it is usually not as reliable.

*** The surgical technique which has been developed is simple and the risk involved is relatively slight.

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