Use Seriousness in a Sentence, How to use “Seriousness” in a sentence


Use Seriousness in a sentence. How to use the word Seriousness in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Seriousness. Sentence for Seriousness.

Use Seriousness in a Sentence - How to use "Seriousness" in a sentence


Examples of Seriousness in a sentence

  1. The scraggly gray wig had rumpled all the seriousness out of her hair.
  2. If we wish to impress a child with the seriousness and reality of our authority, we had better put our imagination into condition.
  3. He stops to look at them with a pleased expression of countenance, and then says, addressing the driver, with a face of much seriousness, “That’s a first-rate horse of yours.
  4. In recounting the circumstances of his birth, Herodotus relates, with all seriousness, the following very extraordinary story:
  5. The expression on the Youngish Girl’s face was a curious mixture of humor and seriousness.
  6. But to fulfil his own sincerity and seriousness he took the clock and stopped it for a moment that he might start it up again with the Girl close in his arms.
  7. “The whole adventure?” The Youngish Man winced at the phrase, and then laughed to cover his seriousness.
  8. “You’re quite right, what you said about men,” he resumed with desperate seriousness.
  9. Enchanted by his seriousness, the Bride rushed off up-stairs with her scissors to rip the foliage off her second-best hat to make a hedge for the church-yard.
  10. It was very amusing to hear him, in great seriousness, relate this in his low and measured accents to his faithful followers.


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