Use Power in a Sentence, How to use “Power” in a sentence


Use power in a sentence. How to use the word power in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word power.

Use Power in a Sentence - How to use "Power" in a sentence


Examples of power in a sentence

  1. *** Disconnect the amp from the power supply and the accumulator cell [the armrest moves].
  2. *** He is using his electricity from the power grid to recharge his car’s battery.
  3. *** Solar panels are used to power satellites.
  4. *** Any attack by a foreign power will inevitably unite the people of a country.
  5. *** The power of holiness, wash my soul, manage serenity for me! – spiritualization!
  6. *** The legal power to administer the country is the basic mode under the new historical condition.
  7. *** The power of holiness, wash my soul, manage serenity for me!
  8. *** It is the power of speech that most clearly differentiates man from animals.
  9. *** The smooth, poignant acceleration and effortless cruising power that characterizes the GS430’s unparalleled sporting performance are generated by a sophisticated 4.3-liter V8 engine.
  10. *** Creative Power Entertaining Corp, an animation company based in Guangdong, said on Monday it had reached a television license transmission agreement with Disney subsidiary Buena Vista to broadcast its products.
  11. *** The cloud formed just north of the Soviet peninsula of Kola, where there are four nuclear power plants.
  12. *** The Israelis have noted with concern that the revolution in Egypt created a power vacuum in the Sinai Peninsula and aroused anti-Israel sentiment in Cairo.
  13. *** Through the richness of his personal experience and the constructive power of his intellect, he made a unique contribution to Shiite Sufism.
  14. *** The part of the war is developed along with the following three main characteristics of the war: the absurdity of war, the brutality of war and the power of war.
  15. *** The resulting collisions with state power weakened its momentum.
  16. *** As a rising state, the development of China requires peaceful conditions of time and space, in which the establishment and elevation of soft power is imperative.
  17. *** The man in question is the Bonneville Energy Administration (BPA), a venerable federal bureaucracy that markets the power of 31 federal dams in the Columbia River basin.
  18. *** However, Glover never established his authority, and Cary returned to power in 1708.

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