Use Natural in a Sentence, How to use “Natural” in a sentence


Use Natural in a sentence. How to use the word Natural in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Natural. Sentence for Natural.

Use Natural in a Sentence - How to use "Natural" in a sentence


Examples of Natural in a sentence

  1. Sichuan Vinylon Works produces acetylene from natural gas.
  2. This thesis deals with acetylene produced by coke cracking of coal and natural gas by plasma jet.
  3. The company can not accept responsibility for damages caused by natural disasters.
  4. Since Chamberlain had a fierce love for animals, choosing zoology as a college student was a natural choice for him.
  5. Your hair has a natural wave while mine is straight and boring.
  6. The Petrarchan conceit compares the beloved in great detail to some natural or familiar object.
  7. Regression tests in which separate bacteria were injected into the bottom of the pectoral fin were presented with symptoms similar to the natural incidence.
  8. With the development of the non-alcoholic beverage industry and the progress of the consumption concept, non-alcoholic beverages tend to be natural, nutritious and healthy in our country.
  9. The sentence is grammatically correct, but it does not sound natural.
  10. We are using our natural resources and at the same time polluting our environment with dangerous chemicals. If we continue to do this, life on earth can not survive.
  11. Originally, they sold products back to the earth, like clothing in natural fabrics and wood stoves.
  12. Advertisers like to take advantage of children’s natural credulity.
  13. A natural tendency in times of recession is to close the hatches and think about our own needs.
  14. The picturesque villages and farms with stone walls blend with the natural environment and contribute to its beauty.
  15. A material so light that it is practically indistinguishable from natural slate.
  16. Dependence on natural epidemics can be time-consuming and deceptive.
  17. When the water content is lower, the contamination of natural forests and manual vegetation and the acceleration of desertification are reinforced.

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