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Use mother in a sentence. Sentence for mother. How to use the word mother in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word mother. How to use “mother” with example sentences.

Definition of mother

Examples of mother in a sentence

*** In the process of budding, a cytoplasmic extension forms on the mother cell.

*** As the “bud” grows, the nucleus of the mother cell divides.


*** One nucleus stays in the mother cell, and with the help of cytoplasmic rotation movements, the other nucleus moves into the new cell.

*** When my mother and I arrived at the door of my bedroom, I was surprised.

*** His mother would alternate inexplicably between kindness and cruelty.

*** A baby from Guanaco is cared for by his mother Hannah (R) in his enclosure at the Berlin Zoo.


*** Looking like an ET, a baby gibbon is in the hands of his mother at the Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna.

*** A ring-tailed lemur huddles with its mother in its enclosure at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.

*** Zoo officials are concerned about the elephant mother.

*** In 1803, an American, John C. Otto, accurately described it as a hereditary disease which does not affect women, but is transmitted from the mother to her children.


*** He also had two daughters, the elder of whom, Rosamond, was the mistress of Henry II and by him the mother of William Longsword, Earl of Salisbury.

*** John left a 7-year-old son, Henry (1454-1523), whose birth for reasons of security had been concealed by his mother.

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