Use Herself in a Sentence, How to use “Herself” in a sentence


Use Herself in a sentence. How to use the word Herself in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Herself. Sentence for Herself.

Use Herself in a Sentence - How to use "Herself" in a sentence

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Examples of herself in a sentence

  1. She considers herself a serious actress.
  2. Kathleen came in, tall, thin, confident in herself and in total control of herself.
  3. Using only a cold curiosity, she had defended herself from sentimental pretenses.
  4. She treated herself to an early Christmas present, to help her set things in order after the birth of son Hudson.
  5. She despised herself when she remembered the absolute humiliation of the past.
  6. CEO She is the chair of the board and the CEO of Xerox Corporation. She is a person who lives by herself.
  7. Miss Lodsworth, who organized the flower rotation, had outdone herself.
  8. The precocious strength of his mind had, however, already impressed observers, and the queen herself delighted in questioning him and called him the “young lord keeper.”
  9. She even claims that her lawyers have strong evidence in her favor and that she could prove herself right and ‘make it all go away’.
  10. “Meghan Markle represented the change because of her racial heritage, but also because of her feminism, her activism and the fact that she is a person who made herself, with strong ideas about her autonomy and identity,” said Afua Hirsch, a professor of University journalism.
  11. She hesitates and stammers, miscalls the cases, and then corrects herself, and, if she gets through at last, she considers herself as having recited well, and very many teachers would consider it well too.
  12. Unless what is said be addressed particularly to herself, her eyes are directed toward another part of the room; it may be, her thoughts are employed about something not at all connected with the school.
  13. Whoever goes there must push herself forward, or she will never feel at home.


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