Experimental in a Sentence

How to use the word Experimental in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Experimental.

Examples of Experimental in a sentence

1 – Men are more likely to be evaluated in active behaviors such as administering electric shocks to an experimental accomplice.

2 – Turning to film making in the 1960’s, he made a series of experimental pictures, including Eat, Haircut, and Sleep, the latter showing a man asleep for six hours.

3 – The polynomial regression based on the equation of the constant pressure filtration rate has been presented to handle the experimental data and compared with the methods in the literature through an example.

4 – Experimental results indicate that intracavitary aberration was effectively compensated and the output power and beam quality were improved.

5 – History events may occur in addition to the experimental treatment and thus provide alternative explanations of the effects.

6 – Similarly, the presence of hyperphosphatemia, acidosis and proteinuria can be misleading according to the experimental model and diet, and may not represent an accurate measure of progression.

7 – The simulation indicated that the delay load was projected under overload at high acceleration, and it was agreed with the experimental data.

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