Use Economic in a Sentence, How to use “Economic” in a sentence


Use Economic in a sentence. How to use the word Economic in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Economic.

Use Economic in a Sentence


Examples of Economic in a sentence

  1. Mr. Li is considered the main candidate to assume the position of prime minister, the maximum charge of economic policy formulation, when the current head of government, Wen Jiabao, resigns at the beginning of 2013.
  2. This paper uses a simple regression analysis to examine how external aid affects economic growth through the economic experiences of 83 developing countries during the period 2000-2004.
  3. Keynes’s biographies and the writings of economists and economic historians are indispensable for understanding the subject.
  4. There was an economic boom, especially in housing and construction.
  5. Philip Crowson, economic adviser to Rio Tinto-Zinc, points out that stocks may have unwanted side effects.
  6. The small cities in South India serve as economic and cultural centers for the surrounding villages.
  7. The explanation of the relative economic decline of Great Britain in the third quarter of the twentieth century remains elusive.
  8. In addition, the research will evaluate the way in which the economic expectations of the elderly have changed throughout the 20th century.
  9. But it is a prerequisite for economic liberation, social justice and environmental sustainability.
  10. In this difficult period it was almost impossible to fonn a stable government and the country was in a condition of great economic misery.
  11. The Labor Party has an economic policy that is almost indistinguishable from that of the Conservatives.
  12. Economic impact studies in sports often exaggerate the benefits that make these reports deceptive and unnecessary.
  13. Only hyperopes will see that the economic argument for such an operation is convincing.
  14. Readers can still find, like me, that part of the economic debate is unintelligible.
  15. Every year, a large number of illegal immigrants in Israel through the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. The majority of these people from African countries with low economic level.
  16. The progress of border trade and foreign investment give a boost to the economic development of Guangxi.

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