Use Away in a Sentence, How to use “Away” in a sentence


Use Away in a sentence. How to use the word Away in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Away. Sentence for Away.

Away in a Sentence


Examples of Away in a sentence

  1. The Argonauts chased them away in return for Phineus’ help in capturing the Golden Fleece.
  2. The five unions that called the indefinite strike said that up to 80 per cent of postal workers stayed away from work in some areas.
  3. The stories of his links with the actress had taken away the fun.
  4. Made a concerted effort to get away from my constant, sweet but boring boyfriend.
  5. Answer Use an extension microphone away from unwanted noise.
  6. At the surface they crawl up on plants, and after their wings expand, they fly away to mate.
  7. Johnston remained like an iron wall in the mountains above Dalton, a hundred miles away.
  8. Manufacturers of labor-intensive goods, such as clothing and toys, discover that they are no longer under pressure to move away.
  9. Remembering how he had stopped on the battlements of the tower the next morning, watching his knight walk away.
  10. A wave of nausea swept me away.
  11. Polly looked away, her stomach churning with nausea that could not be blamed solely by hunger or dizziness.
  12. When a priest arrived to administer the last rites, Mansell sent him away.
  13. With difficulty, she looked away from his dark and convincing gaze.
  14. But the second cat ran away, an early lesson of subtraction for Jack.
  15. Then he walked away, following a zigzag path along the border between Life and Death, wagging his tail so hard that the tip of it hit the river to a foam behind it.
  16. Tinbergen suggested that the zigzag shows the results of the male’s conflict between attacking the female and running away from her.
  17. The tigers opened the door to the iron enclosures and slipped away while the guards disinfected the cage in the Guwahati Zoo, the main city in the state of Assam.
  18. When we see monkeys in the zoo, where they are kept in a small place, away from the animal nature.
  19. At several time zones away, a nuclear submarine conducted a surprise test of two long-range ballistic missiles.

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