Acetanilide in a Sentence

Use Acetanilide in a sentence. How to use the word Acetanilide in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Acetanilide.

Definition of Acetanilide

Chemical compound

Acetanilide is an odorless, solid, leaf-like or flake-like chemical. It is also known as N-phenylacetamide, acetanil or acetanilide, and was previously known under the trade name Antifebrin.

Examples of Acetanilide in a sentence

*** Acetanilide, is a compound used in the manufacture of medicinals (headache and antifever drugs), penicillin, and dyes.

*** Acetanilide usually is produced by a reaction between aniline and acetic acid.

*** Acetanilide can be obtained in pure form by crystallization.

*** Acetanilide, a rather unreactive substance, is stable in air.

*** Therefore, acetanilide and adipic acid increase the percentage of chain-folded crystal and the perfect crystallinity of PVC.

*** Does the sex of the nerve have a acetanilide method of headache massage?

*** The organic samples of P-acetamidophenol and acetanilide with UV spectrophotometry at two different wavelengths are analyzed in the document.

*** The metolachlor and acetochlor belong to acetanilide herbicides, they have a high activity in the rice field.

*** Chloromethylation of acetanilide and its derivatives in a polyformaldehyde-HCl system gave N-substituted products as the main product.

*** Was the defeated hand what acetanilide is like?

*** In this study, the yield of acetanilide and benzanilide synthesis and the reaction rate were compared between the traditional heat method and the microwave induction.

*** Acetanilide and diacid hexane, potassium hydrogen phthalate could improve the crystallinity of PVC.

*** This work studied the catalytic N-alkylation of acetanilide with polyvinyl chloride-pyridine resin.

*** Gastralgia abrupt when what can temporarily be acetanilide?

*** Well then was bitten by urticant mosquito poisonous very painful with what should stop urticant acetanilide?

*** They are a series of Aspirin, Sulfaguanidine, Flavoxate HCL, Acetanilide and so on.


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