Use Style in a Sentence – How to use “Style” in a sentence


Use style in a sentence. How to use the word style in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word style. How to use “style” with example sentences

Use Style in a Sentence - How to use "Style" in a sentence


Examples of style in a sentence

  1. *** His style is based on the writings of Kafka, Artaud and Beckett.
  2. *** His writings are filled with satire and a neatness of style.
  3. *** His writings were marked by an extraordinary lucidity and elegance of style.
  4. *** The president despised the close security that surrounded him and adopted a more intimate campaign style.
  5. *** This style is particularly reflected in rectangular strap plates made of gold and bronze with alternative versions in jade and soapstone.
  6. *** His style was indistinguishable from that of an Englishman; and yet, he was not English.
  7. *** Tudor style: Architectural style in England (1485-1558) that made prodigal use of half the formwork (see wood framing), as well as oriels, gables, decorative bricks and rich plasterwork.
  8. *** Critics attack his luxurious spending and his extravagant style.
  9. *** In the early 1990s, Varon worked in finance at Xerox, and the vice president of the department was an old-style organization man.
  10. *** Harvey Wiley Corbett;(1893-1954), American architect, who helped to evolve the modern skyscraper style.
  11. *** He and Ma Yüan were members of the imperial academy at Hangchow, but they broke with its elaborate decorative style to paint in a simpler, more emotional manner.
  12. *** Although he and Ma were later criticized for being court painters, their style inspired many artists to develop greater spontaneity.
  13. *** Agostino di Duccio (1418 – c. 1481), Italian sculptor and architect, who developed a very personal, lyrical style of sculpture, marked by its linear quality.
  14. *** Derived from Alberti’s Tempio, the design contains sculptured reliefs on the typanum and door jambs, showing the final refinement of Alberti’s linear style.
  15. *** The reliefs are in a style similar to the monumental mode established in painting by Giotto in Florence and formerly were believed to have been designed by him.

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