Use school in a sentence

Use school in a sentence. How to use the word school in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word school. How to use “school” with example sentences

Definition of school

Examples of school in a sentence

*** School governors have absolute discretion over what students admit.

*** He was the tennis coach of the Aardvarks of the Oregon Episcopal School.

*** She was deprived of school at ten.

*** He slipped into the school like an athlete getting down in a whirlwind, feeling the heat in his tissue.

*** We will stay in this country, since we do not want your school to suffer.

*** Instead of changing their vision to fit the current structures of the school, they have changed the structures to accommodate their vision.

*** The detachable lath is, of course, the norm for the Tabel school.

*** Mathematics was my great interest when I was in high school.

*** I think the people who run the Boston school system do it.

*** In the occupations of musicians and music teachers, and of school teachers and professors (which together represent seven eighths of professional women) women predominate.

*** Inside the school, everyone was upset by the strange weather.

*** Most instructions are given during school hours in a broken system so that the same class does not get lost every week.

*** After finishing school, he continued to study higher mathematics in London, publishing several scientific treatises which established his reputation as a scholar.

*** After completing his education, first with tutors, then at boarding school, and finally in St. Petersburg (now Leningrad), Grigorovich contributed short stories to the periodical Literary Gazette.

*** For the well-known anecdote of his contest with Parrhasius, who with Zeuxis was a leader of the Ionian school of painting.

*** Also located on the installation are the United States Army Ordnance Center and School; United States Army Ordnance Combat Development Agency; Limited War Laboratory; Ballistic Research Laboratories; Human Engineering Laboratories; and Coating and Chemical Laboratory.

*** Further, the Ordnance School trains officers and enlisted men in the supply and maintenance of ordnance materiel.

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