Use Reluctantly in a Sentence, How to use “Reluctantly” in a sentence


Use Reluctantly in a sentence. How to use the word Reluctantly in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Reluctantly. Sentence for Reluctantly.

Use Reluctantly in a Sentence - How to use "Reluctantly" in a sentence


Examples of reluctantly in a sentence

  1. The boys rather reluctantly consented.
  2. The child comes reluctantly.
  3. From slowly and reluctantly yielding they soon began to fly.
  4. The king at length reluctantly yielded to these persuasions, and was borne away.
  5. The senate came very slowly and reluctantly to the conclusion to follow this advice.
  6. In saying this, however, Phonny seemed to speak quite reluctantly and doubtfully.
  7. But at eight o’clock, when I went reluctantly downstairs, I had a surprise.
  8. In 1906 he received a doctorate in law at the German University of Prague, and for most of his adult life reluctantly held a civil service post.
  9. But he maintained a semblance of administration until 1889, when reluctantly he allowed himself to be rescued by an expedition under Henry M. Stanley.
  10. Many cases have occurred where individuals have strongly desired some private communication with me, but have hesitated long, and shrunk reluctantly from the first step.
  11. In a house where there were no bathrooms, I surmised that bells were probably still rung for meals; and turning reluctantly, I started back to the stile.
  12. The queen bade Bothwell farewell, and he went away reluctantly and in great apparent displeasure.
  13. If the next summer proves warm, the terrible monster slowly draws back its frigid head, and the inhabitants return to the ground it reluctantly evacuates, and attempt to repair the damage it has done.
  14. Now Mary may, perhaps, be in time induced to obey more promptly under this management, but she will have no heart in making the improvement, and she will advance reluctantly and slowly, if at all.
  15. Indeed, it is probable that they were the real originators and contrivers of it, and that Vang Khan had only been induced to give his consent to it–and that perhaps reluctantly–by their persuasions.


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