Use Consists in a Sentence

Use Consists in a sentence. How to use the word Consists in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Consists.

Definition of Consists

To be made upor composed.

To be found or contained; lie

Examples of Consists in a sentence


*** The Verve set presents 42 alternative and unfinished shots, while the set of blue notes consists entirely of previously published material.

*** That is why the deconstruction of Chinese history or ideological history consists of three levels of ontological denial.

*** This is the printer driver of the future and consists of software and a cartridge that connects to your laser printer.

*** The electronic zoo consists of a slab of 9m squared supported by reinforced columns.


*** It consists of a flat wooden sound box across which from 30 to 45 strings are stretched.

*** It consists of two long narrow islands, collectively called Abaco, and the nearby islets or cays.

*** It is box-shaped and consists of a bellows with a frame-work attached to each end.

*** The aromatic oil, obtained by steam distillation, consists of a mixture of several exquisite floral fragrances.


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