Birch in a Sentence

How to use the word Birch in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Birch.

Use Birch in a Sentence

Definition of Birch

1. A tree with thin bark that may be peeled off easily. Its wood is hard and is used in making furniture and other articles.

2. A rod from this tree, used a whip.

3. To whip with a birch rod.

Examples of Birch in a sentence

*** The ground floor is mostly transparent, providing a feeling of the park that extends through the building and into the courtyard, where a yellow birch forest provides shade and protection.

*** On these soils, pine dominates and forms the edge of conifers with the montane birch forest.

*** A transport envelope finished in gray felt, brown aniline cowhide leather with birch canvas button and laser cut details.

*** While I look for them, I see a fluffy carpenter spiraling over a birch tree, its glow of reds as sharp as a tongue of fire.

*** The trees are pine, oak, linden, birch, yang, mulberry and so on.

*** The construction of a composition of Finnish pine, fir and birch, and a testimony of its special.

*** About 45 percent of disposable toothpicks are made of trees such as cottonwood, birch and fir, while the rest is made of bamboo.

*** In addition, among the possessions of Tzi were berries, two baskets of birch bark and two species of polypore mushrooms with leather cords through them.

*** The snowy mountain, the glacier, the conifers and the white birch are distinguished by their beauty.

*** Right at the end of the street there was a spring under a birch and there was a barrel buried in the ground.

*** The yield of crude betulin extracted from birch bark was 34.52% by weight.

*** Larch, birch cherry, everything came to life.

*** I think it’s a great pity that the birch rod is so neglected now in some homes.

*** Betushka did not have a spinning wheel, so she wrapped the linen around her head. Then she took the little basket and went frolicking and singing behind the goats to the birch wood.

*** Objective To study the antitumor effects of the extraction of birch bark (EBB) and its influence on the immune function of tumor-bearing mice.

*** Birch plays Bacall’s granddaughter on the screen.

*** Should we bring the birch back as punishment?

Birch in a Sentence

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