Use Always in a Sentence, How to use “Always” in a sentence


Use always in a sentence. How to use the word always in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word always.

Use Always in a Sentence - How to use "Always" in a sentence

Examples of always in a sentence

  1. Heredity always plays a part, but practice and training usually seem to be involved as well.
  2. She always wanted to be an actress, and I’m sure she’ll get her wish.
  3. It’s so boring that I always try to give it a wide margin at parties.
  4. The manager made sure that the office environment always remained formal.
  5. You can always rely on her to provide comic relief at a boring party.
  6. Immobilized in a straitjacket, he curses women, who have always dominated him, and dies of a stroke.
  7. Abortion has always been a divisive issue.
  8. I had always been a pariah, unwanted and lonely.
  9. “EDEN PRINK” Deng clothing brand since its inception, always adhere to the “leisure life, arts, fashion”, design style.
  10. Silver birch bracelets are always very straight.
  11. I have always liked puzzles since I was a child. I like party games, silly games. I loved chess. I like puzzles, but I’m not particularly visual …
  12. Ticino has always maintained a low profile, although it has a picturesque landscape.
  13. The balance between creativity and the entrepreneurial skills needed to manage operations without problems would in fact always elude the couple.
  14. Where there were sentimental witnesses, the old, the ugly and the inept always came out better.
  15. The book is sometimes misleading, but it is always a good company.
  16. She had a lovely sweet voice, and always had to sing without piano accompaniment, because only she knew the songs.
  17. The discovery of the City of Light and the experience of making it theirs is, and always has been, the most convincing reason to visit.
  18. His prose is always lucid and convincing.
  19. There has always been strong support for euthanasia in the ACT.
  20. We cannot penetrate into the minds of men, and we cannot always believe their words; but their actions are open to observation and speak more truly than their lips.

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