World Sight Day Messages, Quotes, Slogans


The second Thursday in October is celebrated as World Sight Day around the world.

This day is about creating more awareness of vision problems and this day gives us the opportunity to share World Sight Day messages, quotes and greetings with family and friends. Celebrate this day with some wonderful and motivational World Sight Day slogans to share with everyone and raise awareness.


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World Sight Day

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World Sight Day messages, quotes and greetings

  1. On the occasion of World Sight Day, let’s unite and make more and more people aware of blindness and vision problems.
  2. The eyes are what connect us with this world…. On World Sight Day, let’s pray for vision for the blind and for more and more joys.
  3. Vision comes first and protecting eyesight is extremely important…. Happy World Sight Day to you.
  4. Let’s make it a Happy World Sight Day…. Let’s work together to bring the vision to more and more people to make this world a better place.
  5. World Sight Day reminds us that we all need to pay attention to our vision in order to have adequate eyesight and avoid complications.
  6. Together we have the power to create more and more awareness about blindness and sight…. Wishing you a very happy World Sight Day.
  7. World Sight Day gives us the opportunity to have a world where everyone can see and have a healthy vision by creating more awareness about it.
  8. Let us join hands to eliminate blindness from this world…. Pray for a safe and healthy vision for all…. Happy World Sight Day.
  9. Wishing a very happy World Sight Day…. Wishing you healthy eyesight, wishing you healthy eyesight and beautiful life.
  10. There are many visual deficiencies that can be avoided or cured…. And World Sight Day inspires us to have healthy eyesight.

Best slogans for World Sight Day

  • World Sight Day is a reminder that visually impaired people should work.
  • See with your eyes the beauty of this world.
  • Visual impairment requires attention and solution.
  • Eyesight needs protection and care.
  • We should all focus on our eyesight.


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