Why is Communication between People Important?


Communication between people is the exchange of information, ideas, emotions or opinions that may occur between two or more human beings.

The reasons for its importance are multiple, beginning because we are social beings and need the proximity of other human beings. This communication can take various forms: written, oral or gestural, each of these having different and pre-established codes.


In order to be effective, the actors of the communicative act (that is, the people involved in the communication) must know and share these codes.

Why is Communication between People Important?

The transmission and learning of these codes is given from birth itself, where the communication between the mother and the child begins being visual and gestural, then begin to understand the first words and above all, the intonation of them, which carry a great Implicit meaning loading.


With the passage of time and the learning of reading / writing, as well as other concepts, codes and symbols, interpersonal communication becomes more complex.

The correct learning of this process is that which allows a successful interpersonal communication, in which different elements intervene, such as an emitter, a receiver and a message (whose meaning they share) that is sent through a specific medium or channel.

11 reasons why communication between people is very important

1- It is the main linking element

The human being is the only animal that has been able to develop language at a level of specialization that has allowed the exponential evolution of the species.

Verbal communication has not made gregarious, social and sociable. We need communication to be able to live with others. It is the element that binds us as a society.

2- Promotes the development of human potential

Empathy, positive acceptance of the other and congruence are factors of vital importance for good communication, which results in a favorable ground for changes and improvements in all areas.

Empathy is the ability of a human being to put himself in the place of another, or as colloquially said “put in their shoes.”


Why is Communication between People Important?

This ability allows you to share feelings and understand the reasons for the behavior of others. This expands our knowledge and our perception of reality, understanding that there is no single truth or a single point of view.

3- It facilitates the development of societies

Having shared communication codes allows you to act in favor of having common objectives and goals. Working together to achieve these objectives is essential to develop and strengthen as a society.

4- It allows expressing feelings, ideas, sensations, needs and other intangibles

The existence of communication has forced us to find codes to transmit with words or gestures the ideas or thoughts that are in our brain and that are intangible, impalpable.

In the absence of these verbal or gestural channels we could not share them and, not sharing them, in practice they would not exist.

The idea exists as long as it can be expressed. Without communication we would be beings without intellect.

5- Organize ideas and expand knowledge thanks to feedback

These ideas that were mentioned in the previous point, become tangible to be able to be expressed and understood by our interlocutor who, in turn, will express their own ideas that we will interpret and assimilate.

In this way the knowledge grows, feeding and feedback with the knowledge of others.

6- Encourage human relationships

All this, of course, in the understanding that communication is effective. If there is noise in the communication, if the same codes are not shared to decipher and understand the message, it is very likely that the communication will achieve the diametrically opposite effect.

Proof of this is the fact that the most bloody wars in history have been caused by failures in communication.


Why is Communication between People Important?

7- Promotes affirmation and adaptation

When a person makes a decision and communicates it to another, this helps to confirm it, if the answer is acceptance. Otherwise, the communication of the idea will serve to adapt it to what the other or others consider most appropriate.

8- Facilitates the grouping and regrouping of people based on common interests

People tend to group with others who share their ideals, desires and interests. To do so, a prior communication was necessary that helped them identify those common interests.

This brings forces and wills together around a common purpose and that is how great ideas are developed and how complete self-realization is achieved.

9- Model the personality and strengthen the psyche

Listening to and sharing information with others enriches the intellect and helps us to know ourselves more.

Little by little we are forging a personality that will define us as individuals, but that was fed by the collective input.

10- Help to promote tolerance and respect

The acceptance of the other involves appreciating, valuing and receiving the individual without prejudice, without valuations determined by our previous experience.

All effective and positive communication has to assume that we are not all the same or think the same. Accepting differences will enrich communication, always based on respect.

Why is Communication between People Important?

11- Expand our general culture

Communicating can be easy if our interlocutor knows and shares our own cultural codes.


But communication can be unsuccessful and even disastrous if the receiver is a person who does not have the same codes, either because he speaks another language or because he belongs to another culture in which, for example, certain gestures can mean very different things.

This means that to have an effective and successful communication it is necessary to have a wide cultural background.

The higher our level of culture, the better communication will be and the greater the reach.

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