Where Do We Use The Preposition In, Example Sentences


How do we use the preposition (in) in sentences? Where Do We Use The Preposition In? Preposition (in) for time and place sentences and examples.

In Preposition (Place)


in the box

in the box – There is a cat in the box
in the drawer – My clothes are in the drawer
in the room – There are eight volunteers in the room
in jail – He is now in jail
in hospital – Doctors are nurses are working in hospital
in the classroom – The students are listening their teacher in the classroom
in prison – The prisoners are in prison
in the bottle – There must be some milk left in the bottle
in the cup – There is coffee in the cup
in the kitchen – My mother is cooking dinner in the kitchen
in the living room – My father and his friends are watching TV in the living room
in the bedroom – Please be quiet. The baby is sleeping in the bedroom.
in the vase – There are beautiful daisies in the vase



inin the garden – Shall we have breakfast in the garden?
in the park – The children were playing in the park
in the playground – There was nobody in the playground
in a city, town, village – We could not find a good place to eat in that town
in the city centre – In the center of the city, there is a huge monument.
in the street – There were plenty of cars in the street
in the country – My holiday in France was excellent
in the sky – The birds can fly in the sky
in the world – The ant population in the worls is incredible
in bed – The baby is sleeping in the bed
in the newspaper – There is an interesting advertisement in the newspaper
in the photograph – I look awful in the photograph
in the middle (of) – I felt very sick in the middle of the exam

In Preposition (Time)

in 1979 – I was born in 1979
in the 1980s
in the 17th century
in May
in the second week of June
in the past – I made many mistakes in the past
in the future – I will be rich in the future
in the winter (summer etc)
in the morning (afternoon, evening)
in a few minutes – The film will end in a few minutes
in an hour – The train is leaving in a hour
in a week
in a week’s time
in a month – They are getting married in a month.
in a year
in two months’ time
in a moment – He will be here in a moment
in two days
in the end
in a short time (long time)
in time – I want to get home in time, I don’t want to miss the episode.

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