What Prince Charles’s Relationship with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Is REALLY Like


Oftentimes we read about how Queen Elizabeth II allegedly “feels” about Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton as the wives of her grandchildren, but there is less knowledge when it comes to Prince Charles’ relationship with the women who will carry forward the family name.

We often talk about how receptive the royals generally are towards any new addition to the family but somehow, there isn’t much info about how the Prince of Wales has reacted to his sons’ marriages.


All we know is that he willingly walked Meghan Markle down the aisle when her father couldn’t make it to the wedding, and that act alone speaks volumes about his affection towards his daughters-in-law.

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Princess Diana’s Account

As the father of Prince Harry and Prince William, Charles has, without a shadow of doubt, a say in who his children choose to marry.


The internet is filled with insider stories on how the royal family sees Kate and Meghan, although these are unconfirmed reports, with some saying that the former actress isn’t welcomed as warmly as the future queen consort, while others say that the Duchess of Sussex is just fitting right in.

What we do know is that the late Princess Diana would have been delighted to meet the women. In an interview with BBC, Prince Harry revealed how he popped the all-important question one evening at the Kensington Palace with a ring made from diamonds from his mom’s jewelry collection.

He then admitted that the late Princess of Wales and Meghan could have become best friends if Diana had still been alive.

Speaking of Princess Diana, her accounts suggest that Prince Charles has always wanted to have a daughter and was expecting Prince Harry to be a girl.

So when the youngest of his children was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in 1984, he was allegedly dismayed and even upset over the boy’s red hair, a statement which she may have uttered as a result of a bitter ending to their relationship.

That’s because months after the baby arrived, his father couldn’t help but gush over him and even made remarks about the life of having two kids.


Walking Meghan Down the Aisle

That said, a lot of people have been wondering if Prince Charles had welcomed Kate and Meghan with open arms – the answer may be yes, as per accounts of the royal family members and what we have deduced from their appearances.

For one, the next in the line of Succession walked the former Suits actress down the aisle during the May 2018 wedding at the Windsor Castle because her father Thomas Markle couldn’t be there.

According to one heart-warming account of that day, it was Prince Harry who asked his father to do the honor for Meghan since her dad couldn’t attend the nuptials.

Prince Charles somehow knew that it was coming and agreed without hesitation, saying he will give whatever the bride needs and assured his son that he was there to support the couple.

Asking Son to Stop Playing Around

As for Kate, he had cared for the Duchess ever since she and Prince William started dating. Remember the 2007 incident when the longtime couple broke up?

That was somehow influenced by the Prince of Wales, but don’t judge him yet – Prince Charles cared for her so much that he told his eldest, who admitted that he doesn’t want to tie the knot at 25, that it’s unfair to drag his girlfriend along – a similar advice that was given to the next in line to the throne by his father, Prince Philip.

Needless to say, the 70-year-old was thrilled when his son and girlfriend got back together and then got engaged.

Generally, Prince Charles is like a father to Kate and Meghan, and that means putting his foot down whenever necessary.

As a matriarch, he also took initiative to teach Meghan the ropes when it comes to learning the royal culture, even giving her trivia about their heritage, when Prince Harry introduced her to the clan.

Doting Grandfather

Prince Charles isn’t only a doting father, but a loving grandfather as well. As per sources, he has been allotting more time from his busy schedule to spend with his grandchildren. Another one added that he is excited to see additional little heads on the roster.


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