It can be hard to imagine someone wanting to deliberately hurt an older person, but unfortunately, elder abuse occurs.

Some elder abuse cases are intended to financially exploit the person; You have probably heard of scams targeting older people. In other cases, caregivers simply do not provide basic necessities, such as nutritious food, appropriate medications, safety, or hygiene assistance. Help spread the word this June 15, which is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. If you see something, say something.


What is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (June 15)


Know the symptoms of abuse.

Pressure sores, bruises, or chafing may indicate that your loved one is being restrained in a bed or wheelchair, or otherwise physically abused. If he or she has recently lost weight, malnutrition or dehydration may be at stake, while poor hygiene is also an indicator of possible abuse. Also note the changes in the person’s mood; if they seem depressed, anxious, agitated or apathetic, see if you can find out why. In short, any change in an elderly person’s behavior, disposition, or physical condition could be cause for concern.

If you suspect something, say something

If you detect signs of abuse, document them. Take photographs of bruises or injuries, obtain a statement from the victim or any witness, and keep a record of any suspicious behavior or circumstances. You can then discuss your concerns with the manager or director of the long-term care facility or home care provider; If they don’t take action, contact the police or an elder abuse attorney.

Spread the word with social media

It may seem counterintuitive to help prevent elder abuse using tools that are largely considered the domain of younger generations, but there really is no better way to spread the word and raise awareness than through social media. Share informative articles on Facebook and use the hashtag #WEAAD on Twitter.

What is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (June 15)


Older Americans may be unable to advocate for themselves

Many older people are not in a place to defend themselves, either because they are physically fragile or because they are afraid to speak up and fear the repercussions. It is crucial for all of us to be on the lookout for signs of elder abuse and speak up if something seems wrong.

Older people deserve our respect and our attention.

In many cultures, the elderly are revered, and with good reason. Their experiences, memories and outlook on life are valued for the lessons young people can learn. And if older people are not encouraged to pass on the skills and wisdom they have accumulated during their lives, then the culture as a whole suffers. We owe it to older generations to ensure that their so-called Golden Years are not clouded by neglect.

Reminds us to take care of each other

It’s easy to see bad things and say nothing, whether it’s elder abuse or a street heist. But these holidays remind us how important it is to care for and care for our fellow human beings. It reminds us that we must exercise compassion on a daily basis and care about others rather than just ourselves.


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