What is The Importance Of Satellites?


Why are satellites important? Our article explaining why satellites, which are now considered one of the most important inventions of mankind, are important.

Satellites are elements that orbit around a certain celestial body. There are natural satellites and artificial satellites, that is, created by man to satisfy his needs. In the first case, a paradigmatic example is that of the moon, which revolves around the Earth and together with it makes a tour around the sun; in the second, we have the infinity of satellites that were created since the mid-twentieth century to perform military tasks, communications, research, etc. Certainly, in both cases there is a clear interest for man and this circumstance makes us appreciate its importance.


From the point of view of natural satellites, they have influence on some natural phenomena that operate on the planets on which they orbit. In the case of our moon, it has an evident relationship with the tides, a fact that is known since remote antiquity. Fundamentally, this phenomenon is due to the attraction that the moon has on the surface of the water and that makes it covers greater or lesser portions of the coast according to its position. The tides can affect fishing and are also used for processes of obtaining energy, situations that account for their importance and the importance of our natural satellite.

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However, from the perspective of artificial satellites, they were developed in response to various problems that affect man. The conception of them began to develop at the beginning of the 20th century and over time it was deepened until it was possible in the second half of the last century to launch one. The first satellite placed in orbit corresponded to a project of the Soviet Union and this fact made the United States take seriously the space race, soon after also achieving its own satellites. Nowadays, this type of elements are used for the most varied functions, standing out among them the one related to the communication and the observation of the earth for the elaboration of maps, the geolocation, etc .; Research also makes use of them when they are used to observe other celestial bodies more effectively.

As we see, satellites have a great influence on our lives, whether we are referring to the natural as to the artificial. In this last case we will undoubtedly see a lot of new variants in the future that will significantly improve our quality of life.


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