We are excited to tell you about National Tapioca Day on June 28, when you can explore this less popular, but no less delicious carbohydrate.

Made from the yucca plant, tapioca is versatile, although tapioca pudding is the most popular American dish made with this ingredient, including tasty dinner dishes. Tapioca Pudding combines tapioca pearls with liquid to form a delicious and creamy mix. For many, tapioca is a love / hate relationship.


Maybe once as a child, you dipped your spoon into it, waiting for the smooth vanilla pudding you’re used to. Instead, you have a bite of squishiness. Such an experience could leave you traumatized and wary of dessert for years to come. If this seems true to you, then Tapioca National Day is your time to be brave and give it another try. If you are in camp that has been a fan of tapioca from day one, you will have no problem celebrating. Maybe you are even a connoisseur and can already tell falooda from taho. Either way, June 28 will provide ample opportunity to expand your palette and try something new, or spend time savoring a longtime favorite.


Start a trending topic on social media

Everyone knows about our most watched vacation, but how many of your friends have marked their calendars on June 28? Help spread the news about this wacky vacation by snapping a photo of your tapioca mug and posting it to your favorite social media platform with the hashtag #NationalTapiocaDay day.

What is National Tapioca Day (June 28) and Activities

Make your own batch from scratch

Whether it’s taken from an online resource, your grandmother’s secret recipe, or if you’re willing to experiment with your own style of tapioca pudding, try making yours. The fun here is watching the process and understanding how those little pearls make such a creamy dessert. You could even use it as a scientific experience with your children, who receive a gift at the end.

Try tapioca in a new way

Even if you love tapioca pudding, it is doubtful that you have tried tapioca in all its forms. Some of the more common variations include bubble tea, a typical Thai drink, flatbreads and even tapioca biscuits, which are typical in Indonesia.


It’s great for us

While we don’t generally associate desserts with healthy foods, tapioca is packed with vitamins and minerals that do wonders for the body. Do you want more circulation? Dig in some tapioca. Do you need an extra dose of vitamin K for strong bone growth? Grab a bowl of tapioca pudding! Now, of course, the sugar and cream added to tapioca don’t share these same benefits, but you can at least rejoice knowing those little pearls are doing your body good.

What is National Tapioca Day (June 28) and Activities

It is versatile

If you like to experiment in the kitchen, there is no shortage of recipes to try when it comes to using tapioca. There’s always the old-fashioned tapioca that your grandparents used to enjoy, but recently variations have caught on. How about doing it with coconut milk and mango pieces? Or, for a true culinary challenge, try baking it like a tapioca creme brulee. On National Tapioca Day, you can have it however you want.

It’s a blast from the past

Tapioca pudding was a staple dessert worldwide in the mid-20th century, but as other forms of pudding emerged, especially instant vanilla and chocolate pudding, many believe tapioca lost its appeal a bit. However, on June 28, you can be a part of bringing back this nostalgic dish.


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