What is National Kitten Day (July 10) and Activities


Kittens! Who doesn’t love cute little kittens? … their big heads, giant eyes, little legs and pink noses, and the adorable meows they make …

We can’t resist their cute and furry charms. Surprisingly, it seems that Americans like cats and kittens better: According to the American Humane Society, 95.6 million cats owned, while 83.3 million households owned a dog. There is certainly nothing wrong with dogs, but a little kitten is irresistible! Join us on July 10th as we celebrate National Kitty Day!


What is National Kitten Day (July 10) and Activities


Adopt a kitten! (or adoptive if you can’t adopt)

If you can’t adopt a kitten and commit to being a kitty parent to a furry friend, you can also breed kittens. Wild kittens need human socialization to be adopted, and staying with a cuddly human is much more fun than staying on a pound before finding their “home forever.” So if you can’t fully adopt, help out in the adoption process, and maybe a kitten will end up staying with you in the process 😉

Volunteer to help kittens at ASPCA

ASPCA always needs help socializing wild kittens! Human contact is great for kittens and makes them adoptable as they will not fear humans. In addition to the kitty benefit, playing with kittens is fun and good for you, too, and you’ll feel great volunteering, too!


What is National Kitten Day (July 10) and Activities

Make plans to arrange an Uber kitty delivery if available in your area

Make sure your boss / partner agrees for kittens to come to your door, because Uber delivers adoptable kittens once a year. Not only will you have fun, but one could end up staying with you. Plus, the $ 30 “snug fee” actually goes to local shelters, doing good, while feeling good – that’s the best way to do it!


Seeing kitty photos is really good for your mental health

If you love kittens as much as the next person, chances are you’ve seen some kitty photos throughout the day. Research shows that people who take short breaks to watch cute animals are more productive during the day. So go ahead, check out those kitty photos today!

Adopting a cat or kitten is good for your health

In addition to looking at pictures of kittens, having kittens and cats around is good for your health! Having a cat nearby can lead to cardiovascular disease, reduce the risk of heart attack, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, reduce stress, improve mood … should we continue?

What is National Kitten Day (July 10) and Activities

Kittens are great for kids!

Having children who grow up with cats can reduce the risk of developing allergies and asthma later in life. In addition to teaching them how to care for another creature, it fosters empathy and can aid in the learning and development of a socially balanced and well-adjusted person.


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