Insurance is one of those things we forget until we need it, like a spare tire. This is why National Insurance Awareness Day exists and is celebrated every year on June 28.

Although the origin of this day is a mystery, what is widely known is the importance of insurance in many aspects of our lives. From auto insurance, life insurance, home insurance and more, these policies offer a layer of protection to prevent us from taking the brunt of the blows of unfortunate events.


National Insurance Awareness Day Timeline

3,000 BEFORE CHRIST. – Year of birth of the insurance
Chinese merchants mixed their products on ships to limit extreme loss from shipwrecks

AD 1666 – Fire insurance comes on
After a major fire in London, Nicholas Barbon created the first fire insurance company.

1850s – Health is wealth
Thank you Franklin Health Assurance Company for leading the way in paying for medical expenses.


1897 – Surely cars must be insured
Mr. Loomis built his own car, great, then bought the first smart car insurance policy

What is National Insurance Awareness Day (June 28) and Why it Matters?


Make the call

Call your insurance agents to ask about current promotions, services or fixed rates, as well as changes in your premiums.

Go buy insurance

Some insurance companies will offer information about their competitors’ rates while trying to sell you insurance. This bold move on your part can save you time while searching for the best deal.

Take charge to change your rates

Whether you take an online defensive driving course, hit the gym several times a week, or install a home security system, these feasible actions can lead to additional savings on your various insurance policies.


A reminder to see the competition.

Buying insurance doesn’t evoke the fun of buying shoes or buying cars, but if you’re always looking for the best deal, comparing rates could save you a lot of money, sometimes even 15 percent or more, or so we’ve heard. Knowing your options gives you the most power and the best opportunity to save money.


What is National Insurance Awareness Day (June 28) and Why it Matters?

As life changes, so should your policy

If job changes lead to less driving or your teen goes to college without the car, your insurance company may reevaluate your rates. As for home insurance, changes in marital status and home remodeling can affect those rates.

Learn about additional features and services

Discounts come and go, but certain long-term promotions can help you save more money over time. If your policy is not reviewed until renewal, you could be losing additional savings.

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