What is National Hair Day and Activities (October 1)


Finally! There is a day to express your love for your hair: National Hair Day on October 1. NuMe, a hair products company, created this day for people to celebrate styling tools and other hair products.

What is National Hair Day and Activities (October 1)


Since ancient times, women have been obsessed with their hair. Cleopatra washed hers with donkey milk! Today, for many women, hair requires high maintenance because the way you wear it makes a statement about you. So, color your hair purple with polka dots, braid it, weave it, or just wear your short flirty hair. Today is a day to celebrate your personality personified by your hair and explore ways to keep it shiny and healthy. On National Hair Day, work that hair, girlfriend!


2000s: the wave sweeps the world
Sun-kissed beachy waves are the popular look and women have various tools and hair products to create at home or in a salon.

1930 – Let’s get a permanent
Many women, including celebrities like Rita Hayworth, visit salons for permanent treatments.


1920 – The bob is in fashion
With women gaining the right to vote, it’s time for a more liberating hairstyle: the short bob.

1500 – Real hair means red hair, locks and curls
When Queen Elizabeth flaunts this hairstyle, it quickly becomes a fashion trend. Women even pluck their hair and eyebrows like Her Majesty!

10th century BC – Hair gels are ancient
In Ancient Egypt, people used hair gel made from a greasy substance to style their hair!

What is National Hair Day and Activities (October 1)


Try a different hairstyle
A new hairstyle can make you feel powerful, in control, or like a different person. Today is the day you decide who you want to be!

Share the secret of your healthy hair
Did any product, pill, or diet work for you? Share your knowledge with others on social media. People benefit from exchanging information.


Give your hair a little love
Book an appointment at a salon or spa and treat your hair. Healthy hair is beautiful hair.


Snake hair monster
In Greek mythology, the monster Medusa has been described as a human female “winged snakeskin” with poisonous snakes instead of hair.

America has the most redheads
Surprisingly enough, America has the largest population of redheads! Between 2 and 6% of the country’s population are redheads.

Teenage rapunzel
Keito, a Japanese teenager, holds the record for having the longest hair (155.5 centimeters) in a teenager. He has never had his hair cut in his life!

Marital status defines hairstyles
Unmarried Fulani women in West Africa dress their hair in small amber beads and coins, while married women wear large amber ornaments.

Hair today – gone tomorrow
People are always scared when they see some strands on their brush. The fact is that a person can lose between 40 and 150 strands of hair a day.

What is National Hair Day and Activities (October 1)


You can let your hair down
It’s easy to get caught up in a hair routine. So today, break the monotony and do something fun with your hair!

Most women are obsessed with their hair.
And many men too! So it’s great that we have a day to celebrate our hair.

It is an excuse to pamper your hair
Another reason to go to the salon: it sounds good! (While you’re there, make yourself a mani / pedi too!)


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