Observed annually on June 18, National Go Fishing Day is a great day to take time out of your daily routine to find a stream, lake, or pond, prime your hook, cast your line, and catch a fish or two (or ten).

Fishing is a recreational hobby for many, and if you’re lucky, you can bring home a fresh catch.



Salt and fishing

If you have a boat, great! If not, ask one of your friends to join you on a fishing adventure. Be sure to bring the bait!

What is National Go Fishing Day (June 18) and Activities

Create a playlist with fishing themes

Take that Spotify app and create a playlist to go fishing that will light up that fisherman inside you.

If you can’t go fishing, go eat fish

Yes, we said it. Although it is not the same as being in the water and having your lunch, you could also visualize it with each bite at your favorite seafood restaurant or equivalent. You can even thaw that Costco fish and enjoy grilled fish for dinner.


It is an experience of union

The same can happen with any other activity, but with fishing: once you are on the move, you start acting in the present and you usually start talking about the things that matter most with the people that matter most.

What is National Go Fishing Day (June 18) and Activities

It is a form of meditation

Fishing gives you the opportunity to disconnect from your work life. By throwing a line in the lake and expecting an inconvenience, one can lose oneself in the experience and work feels a million miles away. If you need room to think, fishing is the key. It can be a powerful time for reflection to connect ideas, follow random trains of thought, and meditate.

It is a challenge

We long to be challenged, but if we are always challenged by the same thing, it can wear us down and burn us. Fishing is great because it requires a different set of skills and demands something entirely new from us. We have the satisfaction of living up to our comfort zone.


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