Since October 5 is always National Get Funky Day, follow the orders!

As “One Nation Under a Groove,” we have a collective opportunity to pay tribute to the power and majesty of The Funk. We’re not talking funk as depressing, but funk as happiness-and-celebrate-life!


National Get Funky Day is the brainchild of Funkytown Fitness, a gym in St. Augustine, Florida. After Hurricane Matthew hit Florida, a group of people from Funkytown Fitness came together to create National Funky Day every year on October 5 as a way to “help people break out of their comfort zones.” Today, make it funky however you want and for as long as you want!

What is National Get Funky Day and Activities (October 5)


1997 – George Clinton commands the mothership
Funk pioneer George Clinton releases “Give Up the Funk,” proving once again why he is the master of the mothership.


1995 – “Bring in da ‘Noise – Bring in da’ Funk” premieres off Broadway
Playwright George C. Wolfe collaborates with tap dancer extraordinary Savion Glover on “Bring in da ‘Noise – Bring in da’ Funk,” a musical journey through African-American history using tap dancing.

1992 – The Beastie Boys release “Funky Bass”
Directly from New York City, the Beastie Boys release their hit, “Funky Bass,” which definitely proves that funk is a sentiment that is not limited by race, creed, or color.

1976 – Wild Cherry releases the funkiest song of the year.
Wild Cherry, a predominantly white band, warns a colleague to “Play that funky music, White Boy,” which makes Americans of all colors on the dance floor shudder.

1971 – The Godfather of Soul makes it funky
No one understood the mystery of funk like James Brown, but he breaks it down so anyone can understand it with the iconic and powerful song “Make It Funky.”



To be really funky you have to go dancing. Deep funk means you grab some ’70s-era platformers, put on a sparkly outfit, and hit the dance floor to Parliament, Bootsy Collins, or even Con Funk Shun. Most importantly, you can’t have funk without lots of bass beats.

Dye your hair more than one color
To capture the true spirit of funk, you have to do something crazy with your hair. It is mandatory. Afro purple glitter? Yes please! If you are a natural blonde, go for turquoise hair and wear it with pride.

Get out of your clique
National Get Funky Day challenges us to do something really different with people who may or may not be in our regular groups. The most fun you can do is get close to people completely different from you and learn a new story. Share a meal or just a cup of tea. You will discover that funk has the power to bring people together.

What is National Get Funky Day and Activities (October 5)



Grace Jones gets it
When Grace Jones told us to “get up to the bumper, honey,” we did what we were told.

Blondie turned it into ecstasy
Blondie wrote one of the first rap songs in the modern era with “Rapture”, and even mentioned Veejay Fab Five Freddy from Yo ‘MTV Raps in the lyrics.

Birds can be funky too
Both the Funky Chicken and the Funky Duck were dance freaks who dominated the dance floor for about a minute.

It’s in the food
If you want to get a taste of funk, try hoghead cheese, which is actually a kind of meat jelly made with chunks of meat from the head of a calf or pork and placed on an asp, and is considered a delicacy.


It’s a dictionary
In 1893, Funk and Wagnalls created a dictionary of the English language that emphasized accurate phonetics and simple spelling of words.


Is happy
Life has had weird ups and downs lately for just about everyone. Why not exercise, dance, or skate your worries to funk? Funk doesn’t hurt anyone (except if you forget to wear antiperspirant, but that’s a totally different kind of funk). After a good funky workout, you feel great!

What is National Get Funky Day and Activities (October 5)

Is in your soul
No one really knows the source of funk, but most people believe that funk lives in your soul. National Get Funky Day lets that funk spread throughout your body, explode through your pores, and seep onto the dance floor. So the funk lets you drop it like it’s hot! Funk relieves our frustrations and reminds us that we are alive.


It’s liberating
Funk is freedom in its purest form. There is no pretense with funk because either you are funky or you are not. If you don’t feel bad, don’t pretend. People always know when you’re faking the funk!

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