What is National Gazpacho Day, Activities and Why We Celebrate National Gazpacho Day


Ask anyone what they think of gazpacho and they will tell you that it is the cold, more delicate cousin of boring old tomato soup.

But this was not always the case: gazpacho originated in Andalusia, a region of Spain, probably back in the Middle Ages. Back then it was made from a combination of stale bread, oil, vinegar and water, all pounded with a mortar. At that time, Spain was part of the Islamic world, so the name gazpacho comes from an Arabic word that means “soaked bread.”

Today the main ingredients are tomatoes / tomato juice, bell peppers, and cucumber, which are transformed into soup through a blender (you can use a mortar if you want to get really traditional about it). We know you are hungry, so let’s celebrate National Gazpacho Day this December 6!

What is National Gazpacho Day - Activities and Why We Celebrate National Gazpacho Day


Go to a spanish restaurant
If you want to leave your gazpacho celebrations in the hands of experts, jump on Yelp and find the best Spanish restaurant near you. You’re obviously here for the gazpacho, but ask for sherry (if you’re of legal age!) And anchovies for extra points. Close your eyes and pretend that you are in Spain.


Make your own gazpacho
If you prefer to have a more practical celebration, you can prepare the soup at home. Head to the grocery store or farmers market to pick up your veggies (remember to make sure they’re fresh!) And get the oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper out of your pantry. Grab the blender and you’re almost done! If you can, try making the soup a few hours before you plan to eat it – we found that the flavors develop more after you’ve had time to sit for a while.

Organize a tapas party
We love gazpacho now, but we wouldn’t say it’s a satisfying meal on its own (unless you’re in a juice cleanse). Invite some friends to celebrate National Gazpacho Day and complete the menu with other delicious and simple Spanish classics such as patatas bravas, garlic prawns, and Spanish omelette.


It’s so easy, but it feels exotic
Gazpacho is not something that many people consider an everyday recipe; seems more suitable for a special dinner or a really hot summer day. But it really couldn’t be easier to do. Go out and buy tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Everything else you need is in your pantry. Once you have the ingredients, it’s really as simple as chopping them up and throwing them into a blender. That’s our kind of “kitchen”.

What is National Gazpacho Day - Activities and Why We Celebrate National Gazpacho Day

There are tons of varieties
The traditional recipe is a tomato-based soup, but over the years people have made dozens of modifications. Add some hot peppers if you want to make it better. If you prefer something green, omit the tomatoes and make a cucumber and avocado gazpacho. Fancy a soup a little sweeter? Watermelon gazpacho has become an incredibly popular variation.

Let the vegetables shine
Gazpacho couldn’t be easier to make, but the hardest part is finding the freshest and tastiest vegetables possible. Since you are not using any heat cooking techniques to get any flavor out of them, you need to ensure that the vegetables are already in optimal condition. Sad and tasteless tomatoes are not allowed!


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