Ever heard someone exclaim, “Oh, fudge!” when have you screwed up something? Like Slinky, Post-It Note, French Fries, and Penicillin, the dense treat known as fudge is believed to have been a mistake.

According to legend, a pastry chef shook himself while trying to make caramel, but ended up creating something just as tasty. We celebrate this happy accident on June 16, which is National Fudge Day. Fudge also has historical ties to academic women in the late 1800s and early 1900s, when recipes spread like wildfire among college students like Vassar, Wellesley, and Smith. A student made £ 30 of things for the Vassar Senior Auction in 1890!


What is National Fudge Day (June 16) and Fudge Day Activities

National Fudge Day Activities

Plan a trip to the Mackinac Fudge Festival

Mackinac Island, Michigan is a 4.35-square-mile island that is home to more than a dozen stores dedicated to fudge, despite its permanent population of only around 500 people. While the celebration of the famous fudge destination does not coincide with National Fudge Day, it is not necessary. Lots of people hike every year to see the fudge making process, try fudge-infused cocktails created by local mixologists, run in a sugar relay race, or look for one of several hidden “golden tickets” inside the fudge boxes. , which entitle the winners to a free vacation package. The festival takes place in April, with plenty of time to reserve your tickets, and perhaps take a few extra hours on the elliptical in preparation.

Serve some ice cream

Hope for? Ice cream on National Fudge Day? Yes. After all, you can’t eat fudge sauce without, well, fudge. The sauce that you pour over the ice cream and topped with whipped cream is essentially the same as the regular fudge, except it never gets – a mistake made by a mistake, in other words! Until the arrival of the fudge, the only options to cover your ice cream were the chocolate sauce and the sauces made from fruit. There’s nothing wrong with strawberry ice cream, of course, but we have the first fudge fudgers to thank for this iconic American ice cream sundae.

Give someone the gift of fudge

Treating yourself is always fun, but think how wonderful it would be to receive a box of handmade candy as a gift. It doesn’t take longer to cook a double batch than a single batch, so save half for yourself and give the rest to a friend or loved one. Put some sugar candy in the office (if you like your coworkers) or at the local fire station or nursing home, to spread some sweet joy. Not confident about combining open flames and melting sugar? Almost all candy stores will ship their products anywhere in the world. That way, you can also choose a sample pack of several different flavors.

What is National Fudge Day (June 16) and Fudge Day Activities


The varieties are amazing

Chocolate is probably the best-known flavor of fudge, simply because chocolate itself is so universally loved. In addition to chocolate and its variations (chocolate peanut butter, chocolate mint, chocolate cherry, chocolate nut, German chocolate), you can eat pumpkin pie, maple nut, vanilla, coconut, blueberry, cherry, cheesecake with raspberry, cookie dough, gingerbread, amaretto, Kahlua … do we need to continue? Suffice it to say that unless the dentist removes your sweet tooth at a very young age, you will find a fudge flavor that you will like.

It is surprisingly easy to do

Perhaps because it is closer to sweets than other treats like cookies or cakes, fudge has a reputation for being picky and difficult to make. That may well be due to its late 19th century history, when it would often have been done on a wood stove and without the benefit of candy thermometers. Today, we have precise temperature control, precise measurements, and ingredients (corn syrup, marshmallow lint, and condensed milk) that make whipping up a batch of fudge really easy.

We can celebrate it all year.

Unlike some seasonal treats (think crayfish, Hatch chilies, corn on the cob, pumpkin and spice lattes), fudge is appropriate and appetizing year-round. Sure, there are seasonal flavors, but one appeal of this gift is that it’s good in summer or winter; As a gift, a party offering, a shared food contribution, or just a small dessert that will truly satisfy your wealth. And did you know that fudge freezes fabulously? That means you can make a big batch of your favorite variety, pack it in portions, and store it behind TV dinners and frozen peas for those emergencies (like, you know, average Tuesday) when you need something. candy.


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