What is National Cookie Day (History, FAQs and Activities)


National Cookie Day is December 4, so get ready to fill your cookie jar.

Maybe you prefer your cookies to have a crunchy touch, or maybe you prefer to bite into the soft and chewy sugar heaven. Either way, eating cookies brings us happiness and we should all do it more often. Do not tell your doctor.


What is National Cookie Day (History, FAQs and Activities)


In the United States, a cookie is described as a small, sweet, and thin cake. By definition, a cookie can be a variety of sweet, crunchy, or soft flour-based pastries. Each country has its own word for “cookie”. In England and Australia they are called cookies, in Spain they are cookies. The Germans call them keks and in Italy they have several names to identify the different forms of cookie. In America, the Dutch word “koekje” was changed to English as “cookie.” The candy came to America through the Dutch in New Amsterdam in the late 1620s. The first reference to cookies in America is in 1703, when the Dutch in New York provided 800 cookies for a funeral.

Hard cookie-like wafers have been around for as long (and maybe even longer) as baking has been documented. However, they were not sweet enough to be considered cookies by modern standards. They appear to have some origins in 7th century AD Persia, shortly after the use of sugar became relatively common in the region. They spread to Europe through the Muslim conquest of Spain. By the 14th century, they were common at all levels of society across Europe, from the royal kitchen to street vendors.


With global travel widespread at the time, cookies became a natural travel snack, a modernized equivalent of the travel cakes consumed throughout history. One of the most popular early cookies, which traveled especially well and became known on all continents under similar names, was the mix: a relatively hard cookie made primarily of nuts, sweetener, and water.

What is National Cookie Day (History, FAQs and Activities)


Is there a National Cookie Day?
There absolutely is! National Cookie Day is celebrated annually on December 4. No one can tell you that you had too many cookies that day … well, they can. Eat responsibly, friends!

Is Today National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day?
Quick! Check your calendar? Today is August 4th? If so, ugh! You’re in luck because it’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! If not, damn it! However, you can still have a chocolate chip cookie!

Is there a National Candy Day?
We hope your sweet tooth doesn’t get cavities, because National Candy Day is celebrated annually on November 4!


Find the best cookie near you
There is a hidden bakery in your neighborhood with the best cookies you have ever had. Ask some friends and ask Yelp to find the best cookie in your forest area.


Make a new type of cookie
Many of the most famous cookies (we’re looking at you, chocolate chips) were the result of happy accidents in the kitchen. Try experimenting on your next batch to see where it lands!

Have a charity bake
If you’re really looking to make this National Cookie Day count, you could be ambitious and host a charity baking, donating the funds raised to your favorite charity!

What is National Cookie Day (History, FAQs and Activities)


Everyone has a favorite
Oatmeal? Chocolate chips? Sugar? Not all of them can be the best cookie, but any one of them could certainly be someone’s favorite. With the wide variety of cookie types around the world, you are sure to get ten different answers if you ask ten different people.

They’re delicious
Come on, does this one really need elaboration? We all have fond, nostalgic memories of eating cookies when we were young. For most of us, that love of cookies never left us.

They facilitate the rhythm
If you bake a huge cake, it’s easy to eat too much. Think about it: even after cutting a huge slice, there is still plenty of cake left and it hardly seems to have made a dent. With cookies, it is easier to stop at one (although no one does).

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