What is National Chocolate Pudding Day (June 26) and Activities


It was the trump snack from the lunch table. If you looked in your lunch bag and saw a Jell-o brand Snack Pack, SwissMiss or Chocolate Pudding, you knew you had the best coin.

The lunch table and all its contents were his domain, and you could exchange for what you wanted. Not that you ever would, of course. Enjoying a little chocolate pudding doesn’t have to be a nostalgic childhood memory, a hobby to feel good. We are happy to tell you that June 26 is National Chocolate Pudding Day, when adults and children can rack up spoonful after spoonful of things with abandon. If it’s the creamy, smooth texture of the pudding that makes you melt, you can grimace at its origins like a sometimes tasty cakey dessert.


In the 17th century, “pudding” was served after dinner and included everything from grains to raw lamb fat. It is definitely not the soft smoothness we know and love today. And while the origin of National Chocolate Pudding Day is a bit dark, we can at least be reassured knowing that it emerged after creamy pudding was invented in the mid-1800s. We had our Kidney Fat Free Chocolate Pudding, thank you.

What is National Chocolate Pudding Day (June 26) and Activities


Have a fancy pudding night

Grab homemade pudding or your favorite pre-made variety and serve it in a parfait mug, champagne flute, glass of wine, or any other container that screams “class” and present it to your friends. For an extra touch, add fruit, whipped cream, dark chocolate chips, or cinnamon sticks. The last thing you want is a vanilla party on Chocolate Pudding Day. Use your creativity to liven things up a bit.

Making clay cakes

A children’s favorite, all you need is a little chocolate pudding, Oreos, and gumworms. Place the crushed Oreos on top of the pudding and push the rubber worms halfway into the “dirt” to make it look like they are emerging. You and your children will have fun creating and eating this fun dessert. And at least for today, leave them messy, after all, it’s just pudding.

Surprise a friend

Look for a brand of chocolate pudding cup that doesn’t require refrigeration, and leave one for a friend or partner on a quirky note. Maybe something like “Thanks for being with me all these years” would be okay? Even if it’s just “Thank you for being my friend,” it’s an easy way to surprise a friend and celebrate Chocolate Pudding Day at once.

What is National Chocolate Pudding Day (June 26) and Activities


It is a sweet summer gift

It’s officially summer, and while lemonade and ice cream often take the title of best summer prizes, why not cool off with a soft cup of pudding in the afternoon? Even better, try freezing your pudding for a delicious frozen dessert. Secret: Pudding companies may tell you not to freeze cups for fear of changing the texture or flavor, but trust us, it’s an exciting and healthier alternative to ice cream on long summer days.

It is easy, fast and delicious.

Whether you’re staying true to your favorite brand of pudding mugs or making yours from scratch, chocolate pudding is an easy treat. Just wash your mug and recycle when you’re done, or if you make yours, microwave and about five ingredients. Only 10 minutes, and that’s it. Cleanliness is no different than any other dish in a bowl.

It goes well with other desserts.

If you have any additional ingredients and want the cream of the milk chocolate dessert cream, try mixing them together to create your own creation. Don’t let those last graham cracker crumbs go to waste, mix them up! Do you need to exhaust the whipped cream before it loses its texture? Prepare a little chocolate pudding to accompany it.


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