What is National Boyfriend Day and Activities (October 3)


National Boyfriend Day falls on October 3. It is a day for your boyfriend to know how much he means to you.

National Boyfriend Day reminds everyone who has a boyfriend to pay special attention to that special someone and how they improve their life.


What is National Boyfriend Day and Activities (October - 3)


National Boyfriend Day is celebrated on October 3 of each year. Many also choose to celebrate National Girlfriends Day, which is August 1 of each year.


We are making 2020 the year that the official National Boyfriend Day becomes something really big! As far as we know, this day is a totally Internet-generated phenomenon. The first reference we find is mentioned as Boyfriend’s Day, probably dated October 4, 2014. But the day seems to gain ground in March 2016 with over 46,000 tweets!


Although there is no single officially accredited source that started this important day, some smart person probably realized that the girlfriend and boyfriend did not have their own recognized day and came up with this great idea. And why not? Girlfriends have their own day!

National Girlfriends Day is celebrated every August 1. This day was launched as a promotional tool for a book by Kathleen Laing and Elizabeth Butterfield, “Girlfriends Getaway,” which was published in 2002. For those new to Bridal Day, it’s a day to hang out with your team. ladies or, guys, do something very special for that favorite lady in your life. Celebrate with gifts, a special outing or just that quality moment that means so much.

National Boyfriend Day is increasing in popularity, not just nationally but around the world. Let’s continue with this so that great boyfriends get the love and appreciation they deserve each year.


Since National Boyfriend Day was created due to the popularity of National Girlfriends Day, it is important to note that National Girlfriends Day was originally created as a way for women to celebrate and hang out with their friends. The purpose of the holiday evolved over time and is now seen as a dual celebration in which people celebrate both their romantic girlfriends and their platonic friendships.

With that in mind, we suggest that National Boyfriend Day doesn’t have to be just about showing love and affection for your romantic male partner. You can also show your appreciation for male friends. So, even if you’re not anyone’s romantic boyfriend, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate National Boyfriend Day.

What is National Boyfriend Day and Activities (October - 3)



2014 – “White space”
Taylor Swift released her song “Blank Space”, personally poking fun at her “long list of ex-lovers.”

2011 – K-Pop Invasion
The South Korean boy group by the name of Boyfriend was formed by Starship Entertainment.

1920s – Goodbye gentlemen who call
The word “dating” officially entered the American English language. Before the roaring twenties, dating was a matter of family and community interest. The women were visited by gentlemen who came to their home in the hope of initiating a courtship. However, this concept slowly began to fade as the idea of ​​dating began to develop.

1909 – Someone has a boyfriend
The term boyfriend is in common use, originally meaning “woman’s lover”.


59% of people say that online dating is a great way to meet people.
In this new era, most of us are too busy to go out and meet new people, and others want to skip the exploration and go straight to the audition. More than half of the dating group in the US agrees that online dating is a great and convenient way to meet someone new. This is more than 44% of people in 2005 who saw online dating as an innovative way to cultivate new relationships.

56% of men want to talk about marriage after six months.
If you are in a relationship for half a year, you probably want to be in the same relationship for the long term. In fact, more than half of men and women start talking about marriage after six months of being together. Although six months does not equal the rest of their lives, for some people it is a good amount of time to understand if you and your partner really click, and if it is someone you could see getting old and wrinkling with.

83% of men prefer to take the first step
Men like to drink and dine too, all of you! Although it is ingrained in our society that men should take the first step, some men also want to feel wanted. But honestly, we are in 2020. Who cares who asked who, as long as they have fun together and value each other’s company.

What is National Boyfriend Day and Activities (October - 3)


What is National Girlfriend Day?
National Girlfriend Day is dedicated to the idea of ​​sisterhood between women and their friends. On this day, girls and women hang out together and do activities that help them bond.

What does National Boyfriend Day mean?
National Boyfriend Day honors men who treat their girlfriends with love and respect throughout the year. This day offers a way for girlfriends to show their appreciation to their boyfriends by buying gifts, taking them on hikes, or just having a good time together.


Is there a National Ex Day?
Not quite. There is a national ex-spouse day. It is a day to honor ex-spouses who have made the transition from relationships to productive friendships. This day passes annually on April 14.

What national day is October 3?
There are several great days on October 3 to consider. Along with National Boyfriend Day, there is also National Kevin Day, Mean Girls Day, and National Poetry Day.


Double your fun at the cost of one
Take advantage of a Groupon or other deal. That way you can visit a new restaurant or one that you normally couldn’t afford. You will save money but not skimp on fun!

Show the world that you are an amazing duo
Get a professional photo of both of you and make it sexy! Sometimes a selfie just won’t do. You can still find reasonably priced studio photographers online.

Skate on wheels like they did in the past
Hit the rink on an 80’s night and learn to skate backwards! Wear your shorter shorts and tell your man why you chose him. Then go your way.

What is National Boyfriend Day and Activities (October - 3)


So many babies were born for this song
The song, “Always and Forever” has been melting hearts since it was first recorded by Heatwave in 1976 and then by the great Luther Vandross in 1994.

Nobody speaks better game than a country boy
If you love country music, slow dance to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in “The Rest of Our Lives.”

She is Queen Bae for a reason
Beyonce’s “Slow Love” tells you exactly what she would do with her boyfriend.

So the question remains, are they or are they not?
One of the hottest and most passionate songs to air in years is the collaboration between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper on “Shallow.” This song smokes so much that everyone wants to know if it is a real life couple, but only time will tell!


How many couples have walked down the aisle to this?
Song stylist Anita Baker’s “Rapture” is just sizzling with sensuality. Wear this for your boyfriend and remember we told you so!

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