What is National Bingo Day (June 27) and Activities


Almost everyone who grew up during a certain part of the late 20th century is familiar with bingo.

The game, which first came to the United States in the 1930s, it started with paper cards with 24 numbered squares arranged in five rows and five columns, plus that attractive “free space” in the middle that seems to promise a shortcut to wealth! Bingo returns today thanks to bingo games on mobile devices. National Bingo Day, June 27, celebrates America’s love of Bingo.


What is National Bingo Day (June 27) and Activities

National Bingo Day Timeline

Decade of 2010: bingo goes mobile
Like thousands of other games, Bingo has found a home on mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy Bingo all day from the palm of their hand. Popular games include Bingo Bash and Bingo Blitz. Fort Mason Games “Lucky Scratch” takes bingo to a new level, allowing users to play live bingo games with others around the world, and actually win real cash prizes without having to pay to play. The game is advertised, so everyone can now enjoy Bingo and experience the opportunity to win a free jackpot.

1990s – “Drag Bingo”
A Seattle nonprofit organization that supports people with AIDS began organizing bingo games to raise funds. Drag queens dressed as nuns hosted the event, which turned out to be a huge success.


1929 – “Beano”
Toy maker Edwin Lowe discovered people playing a game called Beano at a carnival outside of Atlanta. Competitors used dried beans, a rubber stamp, and cardboard sheets. Lowe, whose company went on to produce the dice game, Yahtzee, helped Bingo gain national attention. Lowe apparently renamed him after hearing someone accidentally yell “Bingo” instead of “Beano”.

1778 – “Le Lotto”
This French game gently pushed Bingo into the modern era by presenting a card with 27 numbers (nine columns and three rows). The numbers, at the time, ranged from one to 90. At first, only wealthy people played, but the game soon spread across the country.

1530 – “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”
Although this sounds like an amazing dessert, it is actually an Italian lottery game. The Italian government still sponsors weekly games and uses the proceeds to finance public projects.

What is National Bingo Day (June 27) and Activities


Play on your phone
Not surprisingly, Bingo has made a smooth transition to the digital world. The applications make it easy to play at any time and compete against your friends. You can also yell “Bingo” very loudly on National Bingo Day, although the neighbors may feel a bit puzzled.

Find a local game
Big cities and small towns in the US USA They still have bingo events. Check dates and times online. There are many new variations and winning card patterns to keep things interesting. Bingo has come a long way from straight lines.


If you can’t make new friends during a noisy Bingo meeting, you’re not trying hard enough. The barriers go down quickly when real money is at stake. And yes, bingo marriages happen all the time.

What is National Bingo Day (June 27) and Activities


Lucky 7
Spaces include the top row, plus a diagonal row from the top right corner to the bottom left corner.

This requires the middle row or column, plus two mini-diagonals to form the shape of an arrow (nine squares total).

4 corners
This can go fast. Cover all four corners and you win.

Thirteen spaces are required: the nine interior squares plus the four corners. This would be fun if your pieces lit up.

Get ready for a long night. You will have to cover each square of the card. Hint: play the latter.


Easy to play
There are no complex rules here. Basically if you can count you can play Bingo. The cards show 24 numbers ranging from 1 to 75. If the host calls the numbers that match a certain pattern on her card, she yells “Bingo!” and proceed to collect your prize.

She is friendly
Bingo tends to become a great party. Players quickly make friends and enjoy camaraderie. It’s a stress-free way to pass the time and have fun!

No age limit
Bingo games attract people of all ages and remain extremely popular with older people. You don’t need nerves of steel or a convincing “poker face” to have a successful Bingo experience. Open your app store and find a fun Bingo game to try out this National Bingo Day!


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