What is International Box Day (June 19) and Activities


You have a cat? If so, International Box Day on June 19 is the perfect opportunity for you and your purring pet to enjoy time together.

If you don’t have a cat, you may not understand why all the fuss. But read on to discover the mysteries of International Box Day! Cats and cardboard boxes are a perfect match made in heaven, and on International Box Day we celebrate the fun and joy of this amazing combination!


What is International Box Day (June 19) and Activities

International Box Day Timeline

1817 – The first commercial paper box was made
The English firm M. Treverton & Son is believed to have made the first cardboard box, while in the same year a cardboard box was developed in Germany.

1890 – The first pre-cut cardboard box is invented
A Brooklyn printer and a paper bag maker made precut flat pieces that could be folded into boxes.


2005 – A cardboard box is included in the National Toy Hall of Fame.
It’s not just cats who love a good box, as any parent of a young child will attest.

International Box Day Activities

Build your cat a box fortress

Go to the supermarket or other large store and ask if they have additional boxes. Take them home and create the best play area for your cat. Leave some open, put some of their sides, and your cat will soon conquer its new castle.

What is International Box Day (June 19) and Activities

Join your cat in a box

Have you ever wondered why your cat has so much fun with a box? Why not find a big one and join it inside? Who knows, you can celebrate International Box Day more than once a year. However, don’t be offended if Kitty prefers to have the box to himself.

Invite Kitty’s friends to a “boxing” party

Gather your feline friends and those of your cat to have a crazy time. Collect as many boxes as you can, of all shapes and sizes, and sit back and watch the fun. Cats are good for fun.


POST. (Smell of paw)
Cats sweat on their paws


You are jealous?
Cats sleep about 16 hours a day.

It is mathematical
Cat whiskers grow until the cat is wide

Like fingerprints
Like a fingerprint, each cat’s nose is unique

All ears
The fur inside a cat’s ear is called “ear ornaments.”

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