What is happiness? How To Be Happy Curiosities About Happiness


Happiness and its oddities. Today we will talk about some surprising conclusions derived from the scientific study of this long-awaited state. Do you want to meet them?


Among the curiosities about happiness is, first of all, the difficulty in defining it. It is known to be a state of joy and fulfillment, but this description falls short . Is someone happy who is under the influence of a psychoactive that generates that feeling?

On the other hand, what triggers that feeling of fulfillment and joy varies greatly from person to person . Even so, there are situations that almost universally provoke that exultant happiness: for example, falling in love. That could be another of the curiosities about happiness: it is a completely subjective subject.

Everyone has experienced this wonderful feeling at some point, but under normal conditions it is temporary . Sometimes it lasts a little longer and sometimes less, but the truth is that you can’t keep it at its maximum level for too long. Let’s see some of those curiosities about happiness that are striking.


Curiosities about happiness: 3 factors that produce it

According to a study carried out by the University of Groningen, and published in PLOS One , music changes perceptions and emotions. The research also throws up one of the curiosities about happiness: happy music produces joy . It also favors the ability to recognize happiness in the faces of others.

Another factor that increases happiness is sport . Experts agree that physical activity increases the production of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. All these substances help us to have a good mood.

Another famous study from North Eastern University points out that to be happy we need two ingredients. The first has to do with filling existence with new experiences . The second, value what you have over wanting what you don’t have.

There are factors that keep happiness away

Just as there are elements that help to experience happiness, there are also others that keep it away. Research from the University of Maryland, sustained over 30 years, indicates that the more television a person watches, the unhappier they are . By contrast, those who spend their time reading and socializing are happier.

On the other hand, a report from the University of Ulster (Ireland) indicates that, for some reason, boys tend to be unhappier than girls during childhood . Or, put another way, gender influences the feeling of joy during childhood. This is one of the curiosities about happiness that is disconcerting.

By contrast, the same report indicates that women feel happier than men, on average, up to the age of 47 . From then on, most men report feeling happier, while women begin to feel dissatisfied. Of course, there will be many exceptions to that rule, but it is still one of the curiosities about happiness.

More curiosities about happiness

One of the topics that usually comes up when talking about happiness is money. How much money does it take to feel happy? A study published in Nature Human Behavior gives an answer. Everything indicates that this depends on the country where you live. However, in general, wealthy people need more money to be happy, while less wealthy people are happier with less .


On the other hand, there is evidence that happiness is indeed contagious . Apparently being around happy people increases the chance of someone feeling happy by 15%. This applies to friends. If it is a stranger who is happy, the increase is 6%. The point is that this does not fail: happy people, by the mere fact of being happy, make others happier.

Another of the curiosities about happiness is that it is also related to age. In general, people over 65 are happier than those in the 18-24 age range. This is explained because a young adult must face many decisions and challenges, while someone older does not.

Finally, there are several studies that show that feeling happy is a factor that prolongs life . People who define themselves as happy get sick less often, and they also seem to age more slowly. In addition, they tend to spontaneously choose healthy lifestyles. This is one of the curiosities about happiness that invites us to try to be happier every day.

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