What happens when your third eye is open? Signs That Your Third Eye is Opening


Learn how to open your third eye and discover what happens when it’s awakened. Explore the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of the third eye opening process, including increased awareness, heightened intuition, and deeper insights into life’s meaning. Feel more attuned, conscious, and connected. Find out the details now!

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Awakening, enlightenment, implosion, explosion, rupture, arrival. These are often ways in which people describe their experience of third eye awakening. But the most assertive thing that could be said is that you will arrive at a deeper truth than you once knew and experienced. Often, people refer to the third eye as something physical, but in reality it has nothing to do with the physical. Referring to an eye is only a metaphor, for the opening of this chakra is actually a window to the soul, a dimension beyond the physical.

The third eye is activated once the person is able to withdraw consciousness from other physical senses. When this happens, the person activating the third eye is normally not able to use other physical senses, and this is because the third eye uses our conscious energy that normally flows in the physical senses. Once the person can control this sense, they can manifest their third eye without you even being able to notice it. You cannot use your physical eyes to see things that are not physical, but your third eye has the ability to see dimensions beyond what we normally perceive.

People who constantly exercise to open their consciousness have an incredible ability to quickly shift their vision from their physical eyes to their third eye. They can accomplish this without having to go into a state of deep meditation, so you may not even notice that they are using their third eye. People who can activate their third eye quickly have the ability to observe the inner reality, the spiritual dimensions, and then shift their vision into the physical world.

The third eye is an esoteric concept, a concept from the ancient and spiritual cultures of India, being mentioned later in Buddhism and Hinduism as a key component of the more introspective meditation. In these Hindu religions, the third eye is also described as a gateway between human beings and the spiritual realms. When deep meditation exercises are performed and open access to a higher state of consciousness, the Ajna chakra, also known as the forehead chakra, is opened. People who activate this chakra are usually known as seers, due to the fact that they are able to see the subtle planes of reality, observing auras, chakras, spiritual entities and even demonic entities that surround us.


The third eye governs certain spiritual aspects and the third ventricle also facilitates spiritual insights into the distribution of divine energy or prana to other parts of the body. When people can keep the third eye open, they are much wiser and attuned to the plans of the universe, as well as being much more skilled with the power of intuition, telepathy and clairvoyance, among other psychic abilities. The third eye opens when people are ready to carry the responsibility that comes with it and when their spiritual path is mature enough to understand it.  Without further ado, here are the things you will experience when you open your third eye:

1. Headaches:

Headaches are something you will experience as you begin to open your third eye. At first, it may be very mild, but over time it may become more frequent and with greater intensity. This is because our kundalini energy is trying to activate the final stages of opening the third eye. During this time, the kundalini energy grows and builds near the pineal gland a direct channel to the third eye chakra. The kundalini energy is our spiritual energy which is described by Hinduism as a coiled serpent at the level of the perineum. This energy is awakened and rises through our chakras upwards once we begin to awaken our spirituality. This kundalini energy that rises from our muladhara chakra passes through our entire physical body until it reaches the crown chakra or sahasrara, where it connects with the universe and returns to the muladhara chakra, where it fills us with energy from the universe and universal wisdom. When our third eye opens, it means that the energy of the universe will no longer have to go down to the muladhara chakra and the kundalini serpent will be lodged in our third eye. This, at first, may cause physical discomfort such as a headache, but it is not something to worry about, as with meditation or healing methods such as reiki, these headaches will disappear.

2. Powerful intuition power:

You may already have great intuition, but once you open your third eye, you will reach another level. You will be able to observe and smell bad intentions long before they occur. You will be able to know and almost predict the future. You will know what is right for you most of the time. You will know what people around you are going to say. You will be able to read people very naturally by the simple process of observation. You will be able to know how they truly feel and this great power of intuition will help you make important decisions and will also help you meet the right people who are meant for your spiritual growth, to help you evolve as a person and as a spirit, and to help you heal and heal others.

3. Telepathic abilities:

Do you ever suddenly say “I need to call my brother” or “I would like to talk to my best friend right now,” and suddenly, as if by magic, that person you were mentioning calls you or appears. Many times we think that these situations are quite fantastic coincidences, but once you open your third eye, you start to see that these situations are no longer coincidences, you basically start to know in advance what the other person is thinking and will probably confirm it through the actions and words of those people. You will be able to sense if someone is thinking about you, if for example a friend is thinking about you, you will know which friend is doing it, and usually a few hours later, that friend will call you, activity that has been thinking about you. Likewise, you can think of someone and have that person later suddenly contact you, literally a telepathic call. At first, this may scare you a little, but over time you will get used to it and begin to use your telepathic abilities wisely.

4. Physical sensations in between the eyes:

Although we have already mentioned that the third eye is not physical, its manifestation in us can sometimes be felt physically. At first, with headaches or with a slight pressure in the middle of the eyes, and this is another sign that your third eye is opening or has opened. A small feeling of pressure right in the middle of the eyes, a little bit above where the chakra is, it feels like someone is lightly touching you with a finger. At first it can be a little confusing, especially when in opening processes, the pressure sensation becomes stronger, as if you are being touched. There is no reason to worry, you are not imagining it or going crazy, you are simply in the process of opening the third eye and this sensation will go away with the passage of time.

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5. Clairvoyant abilities:

Clairvoyance is the ability to be able to see, predict or prepare before a big, important or momentous event occurs. We usually have this concept that clairvoyants only predict negative things, but this is not the case. A clairvoyant can concentrate and see negative or positive things equally well. So he does not sit and concentrate on what he is looking to see of the future. A clairvoyant also has these revelations in dreams or in spontaneous manifestations. When these abilities appear in you, you will be able to see images, flashes or even conversations or messages of certain events that will occur in general. Thus, the universe can warn you of certain events where you would like to be or, on the contrary, events where you know you may be at risk of integrity. It is important to learn to heed these messages and take them seriously, as these actions are meant to keep you within the divine plan.

The lucid dreams of a person with the third eye open are on another level. They can literally control the dream, interact with the dream and receive clear and forceful messages. In these lucid dreams, you will be able to talk to spirit guides, angels and even see events that have occurred in the past or in past lives. These are revealed and clearly seen so that they can be healed. Likewise, clairvoyance can also manifest within these lucid dreams, whether in a cloudy or peaceful dream. The best thing to do is to wake up, meditate, observe and inspect the messages and conversations, so you can resolve many things that the universe wants to communicate to you.


When you become more aware of what you are eating, you become lighter. Food is energy and has a certain vibration and information attached to it, such as the fear of the animal before it is slaughtered or the auric energy of the person who harvested the vegetables, among many other things. When your third eye opens, you become more sensitive to these vibrations. Your body will go through a process of rebalancing and readjusting vibrations with food, therefore, you will begin to notice that you stop eating certain foods and prefer to eat more austerely. For example, you stop eating ultra-processed or processed foods and prefer to eat uncooked fruits and vegetables, or you prefer to eat much less meat than before, or you prefer to buy from a farmer instead of a chain store. These types of actions balance and elevate your physical and spiritual energy, which improves your ability to see out of your third eye.

Nothing is coincidence, everything is synchronized in your life. And although synchronicity is part of our lives, many times this type of details is not easy to detect for a person who has not started his spiritual path. For this person simply thinks that they are simple coincidences. But when the third eye is open, you will understand that coincidences do not exist and that the universe has a plan for everything, that all events occur at the exact moment to guide you spiritually through the passage of life. Once you start your spiritual path, you will understand all the synchronicities that occur around you and you will also understand the meaning of each one of them.

Synchronicity is meant to give you a deeper understanding of life. When all of this happens, you will know that everything happens because it is the divine plan and will always be for your highest good. Your vision and hearing become sharper once you activate your third eye. Your physical senses may also become more sensitive, making you more sensitive to light, sound and scents. Therefore, you begin to avoid places with a lot of noise and light, such as nightclubs, concerts, stadiums or other places with loud music. It’s not that you become intolerant of these events, but once you are in these places, you don’t want to stay there for very long. You may also start to notice things much brighter than you used to notice or you may start to see a certain range of colors that you couldn’t see before. If you have ever felt this, it is likely because your third eye is expanding your awareness on both the physical and spiritual planes.

Seeking a higher life purpose is important. When we speak of a “higher” purpose, we mean to express that it is a higher purpose for us as people. This does not mean that it is a higher or lower purpose than other people’s life purpose. Personally, I believe the higher purpose is to live and experience reality as it is, but your higher purpose can be to have great personal changes, help others, write a book, plant trees, help animals or whatever else you feel is your purpose. I’m sure it’s the perfect thing for you.

With synchronicity, you begin to notice an increase in your intuition, your telepathic abilities and your clairvoyant abilities. This makes you feel a greater meaning about life, which leads you to want to connect with nature, with animals, with people, with everything and everyone. That is why the opening of the third eye is very significant.

In short, the opening of the third eye, of the ajna chakra, is something that although it may bother you physically at first, it goes far beyond the physical and helps you to understand our reality from a perspective synchronized with the universe, with our spirit and with the spiritual realm.

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