What does Zombie mean in a Dream? Dreams About Zombie Attack


What does it mean if you dream about zombies? Interpretation of dreams about zombie attack, being bitten by a zombie and more.

Dreams About Zombies

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Dreams About Zombies

In general, dreaming about zombies is an indication of problems. It is possible for a subject to demonstrate their distress in dream content related to zombies.

Dreaming of a zombie in the first person

In a dream the zombie can be yourself. In that case, your life has been through very difficult times. It is also possible that you had to attend to the illness of a family member or the death of him. It remains for you to seek liberation from so much suffering, seeking moments of leisure and psychological support.

Also the dream could be the episode where a zombie bites you and transforms you into one. It represents the lack of perseverance in life: the zombie catches up with him despite his slowness. They are signs that you do not finish the projects that you set out.

Dreaming of the zombie-led apocalypse

In the first instance, it signals a moment of change; but, a transformation that is determining a before and after in his life. It is hardly inevitable. It remains to adapt to the future. The ability to control the vicissitudes of life is practically nil. The dream apocalypse represents the end of a stage in your life, but it doesn’t have to be negative. It is possible that the burned-out stage is poverty and the beginning of another life with material abundance.


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Dreaming of zombies attacking you

Zombies are bad entities. If the dream is that you are attacked by them, you are experiencing fears and worries. Problems overwhelm him, not knowing how to escape from them. The dream zombies are the mirror of your fears, which only you can overcome.

Dream of killing zombies

It is the mirror of your strength to overcome all the obstacles that have been presented to you in life. It is a dreamlike representation that he feels like a winner. This dream symbolizes the fight against challenges and control over adversity.

Dreaming of your partner or acquaintance turned into a zombie

It is a warning that you will experience the breakdown of a love, family or friendly relationship. In addition, it expresses maturity, acceptance, since it assumes the mourning of a loved one who passed away. The conscious understanding of his loss is reflected in the dream, where he even sees his disfigured face. To this is added that fear in the dream does not exist.

Dreaming of the bodies and faces of zombies

When we dream of zombie body details, blood and their expressions, it is likely that we are mimicking the wild personality of the zombie. Dreams of this type are expressions of primitive behaviors, which in conscious life are repressed.


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In conclusion

Dreams about zombies generally indicate detachment, the desire for peace and tranquility. They are unconscious representations of the desire to overcome affective issues that disturb, material aspects that do not allow progress, family relationships that are not adequate. They are also signs to gather enough forces to overcome the coming problems.

Depending on the personal context and type of dream, zombies also mean that you are going through a bad time in your life. Emotional conflicts destroy placid dreams and manifest as nightmares, where these beings, whom we know from horror movies, appear in various situations.

Although it may seem strange, dreams about zombies are among the most recurring dreams, we just don’t regularly remember them. Only in waking periods during deep sleep is it possible to become conscious and retain the images of a dream. It is also the case when we wake up abruptly.


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