What Does Stairs Mean In A Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Stairs


What does stairs mean in a dream? Meaning of dreams about climbing stairs, falling down stairs. Stairs, staircase dreams interpretations.

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What Does Stairs Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

The stairs are a very common element that appears in dreams. Sometimes the dream may seem too real and unique. We often dream of climbing stairs that never lead to the top, or that we are climbing a spiral staircase or even that we fall off those stairs. Here we go from the most common dreams.


Dream of climbing stairs

Climbing stairs is the progress, the transition to the next level, the increase of the higher levels of consciousness. It is usually a spiritual rise, but it can also represent social ascent, self-realization, success. If the staircase is beautiful, wide and simple to climb, then everything will be fine.

Freud also spoke of this dream arguing that it is a dream that symbolizes the sexual act. The stairs that go up would be the equivalent of the physical effort required by that sexual activity, the progress of pleasure until reaching orgasm (climax).

spiral stair

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Dreaming of climbing a spiral staircase

This dream may represent a slow but sure ascent. It can also indicate an inner awakening that shows energy and that will make us progress towards something positive.


Dream of climbing stairs and then falling

This type of dream may indicate that your rise to success is being too fast. It is better to go in silence, containing your ambition a bit. The dream of falling down the stairs can also represent a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.


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Dream of climbing up some stairs and finding a closed door

This may indicate that for now you do not have to be in too much of a hurry to get there, because it is still not the time.

Dreaming of climbing stairs and not achieving it

When this happens, we go up very slowly, our legs weigh us down, we lose our breath, we feel very tired. Surely you try to stand up leaning on the railing, but you let go and fall. This indicates that there is something that is causing you to not achieve your goals. They can be thoughts, concerns or problems.

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