What Does Spider Mean in a Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Spiders


What does it mean to see a spider in a dream? Dream about a big spider and small spider, black spider, tarantula, white, red and colored spider. How to interpret spider dreams, its meanings.

What Does Spider Mean in a Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Spiders

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Dreaming of a spider refers to several meanings. They all depend on some variations. In addition to what happens in the dream and the way the spider manifests itself, the characteristics of this animal have a lot of influence. For example, whether the spider is big or small, poisonous or not, its colors and variations. All this is related to the sign that this dream wants to show.

Many people have a phobia of this animal, but there are also those who like it and even choose it as a pet. Regardless of whether you sympathize with spiders or not, dreaming about them is important. There are several factors that influence the meanings of dreams about spiders. What can’t be denied is that they all have a big impact.

In general, the spider is an animal that is related to the mother figure. It represents female power and ability. Another spider dream symbology is linked to the fragility of its web. This can indicate dreams that are crushed by reality.

What does it mean to dream of a spider

Dreaming of a spider has to do with the person’s insecurities. For example, the fears that prevent you from enjoying life better, because you think you will not be able to achieve your goals. On the other hand, the spider possesses a powerful force, which can protect you from destructive behavior. Likewise, it also represents financial improvement and luck. The spider can be a metaphor for help to solve your problems and face your fears.


Therefore, if you dreamed of a spider, regardless of the way this animal appears and its actions, pay attention to yourself. This type of dream is a recommendation for you to analyze your insecurities and heal your fears. Certainly the colors and variations of the spider greatly dictate the meaning of the dream. To better understand if what you dreamed of is a good or bad omen, see below what the types of spiders represent.

Dreaming of a spider : the varieties and their meanings

What it means to dream about a spider varies depending on the situation you find yourself in. The colors of this animal are also very important for the interpretation and relevance of the dream. Another crucial point to understand the presence of this spider is its size and typology. For example, if it’s a crab or not.

Black spider

To dream of a black spider means that you are wrong about an attitude you have taken. You are feeling guilty about some unpleasant situation.

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Brown spider

Pay attention to your health! To dream of a brown spider represents the possibility of illness. After the bite of this animal, the place can be injured, causing fever and headache. Perhaps these are the illnesses that this dream is pointing to.

Red spider

Dreaming of a red spider is linked to the feeling of concern you have for someone. For example, that you are apprehensive about the health of a loved one and don’t want to lose them.

Colored spider

This dream prophesies the search for creative solutions. This is a good sign, as it shows your effort to get through the problems that are plaguing you.

White spider

It has to do with female power. If you are a woman, it reveals the will to command. It represents the desire for superiority. On the other hand, if you’re a man, it points to your fear of being ruled by a woman.


Dream about small spider

Dreaming of a small spider means that your unconscious is trying to show you the smallest details of the day. That is, it is through them that you will realize the importance of certain decisions.

Dream about a big spider

Despite being frightening, dreaming of large spiders suggests that the person is on the right path. That she is walking her road correctly, but she cannot relax, because on this path she will find many obstacles to face.

To dream of a spider of exorbitant size denotes an even bigger obstacle in your way. Chances are you won’t be able to get past it, so maybe it’s time to review your concepts. It’s time for you to let go and go after other goals.


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Just hearing that name gives you goosebumps, doesn’t it? Crab spiders are big, furry and anyone who is afraid of spiders is certainly terrified of them. But in a dream they are a good omen. It means that your life is full of people who want your well-being. Because they are great friends who respect and consider you, they deserve reciprocity.

Poisonous spider

Watch! Dreaming of a poisonous spider is a bad omen. Surely some addiction is directly affecting your life and that of your family. It could also mean that you are exhausted in some situation. So it’s time to stop and reflect on what you’ve been doing.

In conclusion, there are important variables when analyzing dreams, such as the actions that take place. In general, dreaming about spiders always leads us to two very evident polarities. Stay tuned!

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