What Does River Mean In A Dream? Meaning Swimming in River in Dream


What does it mean to see a stream, river in a dream? What does it mean to enter a river in a dream, to see a clear flowing river, to see an enthusiastic river, to fish in the river?

Dreams About Stream, River

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Dreams About Stream, River

Rivers and streams in dreams often symbolize pleasure, joy, prosperity, abundance and relaxation, and this is usually the case when the river in your dream is peaceful and full of clear waters. Sometimes dreams about rivers can indicate that you are eager to try new things and seize new opportunities easily.

Seeing a Muddy River in a Dream

If you have seen a stream flowing with muddy water in your dream, this dream is always a bad sign. It shows the difficult situation you are currently going through and the obstacles you are facing. The dream often reveals the state of your mind. You are probably overwhelmed by something or experiencing emotional turmoil.

Having this dream indicates some of the negativity that is present in your life right now and is a reminder that you should strive to deal with them. It is also a sign that you have conflicts with some people around you and that you feel sad and uncomfortable because of it.

Seeing a Calm and Clear Flowing River in a Dream

If you have seen a river with calm and clear water, this dream is a good sign. The dream confirms that things are going well in your life. You are satisfied with the way things are going and this is also seen in your living conditions. You are calm and peaceful, allowing your life to develop and flow naturally.


Sometimes this dream can be a reminder to be more firm and determined. In some cases, this dream indicates that you are encountering some new opportunities to increase your income and financial situation or other good opportunities to improve your life. It is a sign of abundance and prosperity coming your way. It may indicate that your living conditions are improving.

Sometimes it can be a sign of a loving relationship or even a marriage.


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Seeing a Dry River in a Dream

If you have seen a dry river basin in your dream, this dream is not a good sign. Usually it symbolizes misfortunes, problems, suffering that can completely change your daily life and disturb your peace.

Seeing a raging river in a dream

If you have seen a river flowing violently in your dream, it is a sign that things are getting out of hand. It shows that for some reason you don’t have control over your life. Maybe you feel uncomfortable because of something or someone. Sometimes this dream reveals your aggression towards something or someone. If you had such a dream, you should be ready to cope with the difficulties that await you.

Some temporary obstacles you encounter can be surprisingly difficult. Your current relationships may turn into an emotional turmoil. Be careful.

Bathing in the River in a Dream

If you are washing something in the river in your dream, the dream is most likely a good sign. It shows that you are in control of your life. It can also indicate being organized in a way that will enable you to complete all your goals. If you wash yourself in the river in a dream and this water is clean, it means getting rid of sins. If the water is muddy and dirty, it means to sin.

If the river you are bathing in is icy cold, this dream may be a warning sign. You may get sick soon, but this may be temporary. You will be able to overcome the disease in a short time. However, take care of your health.


Falling in the River in a Dream

If you have fallen into a river in your dream, it indicates that you will receive some good news soon.

If you dropped something in the river in your dream, this dream may indicate good financial decisions and investments that will increase your income and financial situation.


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Drinking Water from the River in a Dream

If you drank the water of a stream in your dream, the dream reveals the inner peace you feel. You are generally satisfied with your life and achievements. But these positive comments are only valid if the water is clean and tasty. If the water tastes bad or the water is dirty, the dream should be taken as a warning about health.

Fishing in the River in a Dream

A dream in which you see that you are trying to fish in a river is a good sign. It indicates some lucky events that will happen soon in your life. It could indicate a lucky encounter with someone who could be your new romantic partner. To catch fish is to catch opportunity. You must have entered a lucky period.

If you have seen fish swimming in the river, it can mean disappointment and dissatisfaction in your love life. Maybe you are not happy in your relationship.

Crossing a River in a Dream

If you have seen yourself crossing a river, it is usually a sign of difficulties you have to overcome in order to achieve your desired goals. However, these difficulties are not too big to be overcome or you are not too weak to overcome them. That’s why you will reach your goal. Sometimes, this dream is a sign of a new era in your life.

Dreaming of a frozen river

A frozen river in a dream reveals your personality and attitude. You are probably a person who tends to isolate from society. Maybe you’re afraid to take risks and settle for the average. You may need a little more self-confidence and socialization.

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