What Does Rice Mean In A Dream? Dreams About Eating, Cooking Rice


What does it mean if you dream about rice? Interpretation of dreams about cooking rice, sushi with rice, eating rice, rice pudding.

Meaning of Dreams About Rice

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Meaning of Dreams About Rice

The dream with rice is generally a good omen, it is abundance and prosperity, for all people linked to the dream. In the family, work and social sphere, you see good results. This dream makes you alert so that you receive benefits from the universe. Everything will go in your favor.

The whiteness of the rice evokes purity. It often makes us think of positive amounts of profit.It is no coincidence that rice is thrown at the bride and groom when leaving the church. Fertility is also desired and rice is a representation of that.

Only when it appears dirty can it connote a bad omen, but in other ways sleep is good. Even in dreams where you are alert to difficulties, there is a light on the path to a solution, because rice is a sign of a solution.

Let’s look at some meanings.


Eat rice

You are at a time in your life of great prosperity and happiness. The dream focuses more on the family. It may be that you are about to form a new family and that has you very excited. It may also be that you will feel very close to the family that you have, you will value the benefits that your special family has.

There is a direct relationship with fertility. Perhaps it is not a pregnancy, but fertility in terms of the emergence of very positive things for you and those around you

Cook rice

Cooking rice is a metaphor for cooking happiness. You are a prosperous person who strives to achieve your goals. You challenge yourself and with a lot of effort and perseverance, you achieve everything you set out to do. In the professional field you are very successful. In love, you are very optimistic and you like details so that your relationship is always well taken care of.

Prepare rice

Major changes are coming that will surprise you. These changes will lead you to new responsibilities that will change your dynamics. You will have to adapt to the changes and assume them with a good disposition so that everything that you have proposed to yourself is happily materialized.

Dirty rice

This dream is related to bad omens. The disease might surprise you. Arguments with your relatives, even problems with your partner. They are generally bad relationships. You can get bad news. Misunderstandings with your friends will destabilize you.

Dream About Cooked Rice

Big changes are coming that will benefit you. You must be ready to make the most of what is to come. If you are entering a new project, it is a good time to take advantage of it. Do not miss this great occasion. The dream is telling you that everything is in your favor.


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Dream About Uncooked Rice

Be patient, everything will be solved. Whatever you are processing, planning to move forward, it will materialize in your favor, but it will cost you a bit.


Dream About White Rice

You have an amazing inner peace. Those around you perceive it. You are a pure person. Success accompanies you as well as spiritual harmony. You can impact your loved ones with that quality.

Dream About Rice Pudding

You are a really happy person who radiates your enthusiasm and good disposition among those around you. It is a very striking quality that you must cultivate because it allows you to be prepared for any adverse situation that you have to face, because you will see everything differently and you will always find positive solutions.

Dream of rice on the ground

Predict illness of someone close. Almost all rice dreams are positive and their interpretations give a lot of momentum. But dreaming of rice on the ground is very negative for you. The disease could also be yours, so you must take care of yourself in quantity

Dream About Burnt Rice

Someone wants to bother you and is planning it. Be carefull with that. Surely it is in the work environment that this is happening. You are surely prosperous, and that is exactly what causes envy and bad intentions in this person

Dream About Lentils and Rice

They are obstacles to achieving your purposes. But what hinders you will be solved by yourself. Do not be afraid of that because although the process will be slow, you will achieve it. Then you will feel a lot of satisfaction.

Dream About Sacks of Rice

Having a dream in which you can see a sack of rice or several sacks, can be taken as protection for your children. That will bring a lot of prosperity to your home, This reality will make you very happy and you will feel that you are lucky, for which you will express a lot of gratitude.

Dream About Rice Soup

This is a very positive sign for you. Everything is heading towards good things. Your environment is very pleasant and harmonious. Your family is united and orderly. Prosperity haunts you. You can even celebrate it because your peace of mind is contagious

See the rice field in the distance

You are a person full of enthusiasm and hope, very optimistic and you plan very creative and interesting affairs. Some things you think are small details, but they are precisely the ones that appeal the most. Being that way fills you with joy and you end up infecting those around you. You don’t stop in the face of adversity, if you had to go through it.

Growing rice

Your business will look great in these times. Do not stop and make plans because everything will work out in your favor. You can invest because you will not have losses. You have a lot of time making efforts to come up with well-planned objectives, so now you will see the fruits of your efforts.

See wet rice

It is a sign that your projects are flowing, the water makes it flow and causes the positive in your life. You can be confident that all your projects will come to fruition.


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Dreaming of rice in sushi

You must go to great lengths to achieve what you want. You have great aspirations and you will surely see your dreams come true, but it will not be very easy to achieve it. Sacrifice is the key right now for you.


Dream About Lean Fish Sushi and Rice

You will receive a great surprise that involves spending money from the person who will give it to you. You will be overjoyed for a long time because of this event.

Spicy sushi with rice

Your relationship is lacking mischief. Perhaps the monotony is making you uncomfortable, you must do something soon so that everything will flourish and revive again. Passion is very important for relationships to stay alive.

Dream About Yellow Rice

Yellow symbolizes abundance and light and in combination with rice it bodes well. What you are doing at the present time will give you great satisfaction. Success will be imminent.

Give rice to the birds

Ideas will fly, that is, your creativity will be infinite. Do not stop or be scared of how your mind is capable of creating so much. You can undertake artistic or manual work. You will get good results from what you do.

Putting rice as poison to insects or rodents

It is a warning you must beware of enemies. There is a very marked danger of harm. Couple arguments, breakups, problems with the boss or co-workers and family misunderstandings.

See rice in its packaging

Project ideas that you must release and materialize. The possibilities are given but there are fears and you stop. Trust yourself and in this dream, which tells you that there is plenty to spare, you just have to let it manifest. Do the necessary causes to see the good effects.

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