What Does Rat Mean in a Dream? Dreams About Killing Rat, Rat Bite, Interpretations


What does it mean to see a rat in a dream? What does it mean to kill a rat, rat bite, baby rat, gray rat in a dream? Meanings of dreams about rats.

rat dreams

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Dreams About Rat

In the vast majority of cases, dreams with rats refer to some kind of betrayal, due to the fact that these animals do not have a hierarchical system and do not respect each other, being treacherous among themselves.

Besides being treacherous, these ugly and disgusting animals are also intelligent, since no one could survive in such a perverse environment without it. That is why this dream can symbolize that you are a person who needs more intelligence to get out of some trouble you are in.

But learning is also required. It is wisdom that will help you learn from every mistake so that you will finally achieve those goals you have in your life.

Dreaming of seeing a rat

To dream that you see a rat indicates that gossip about you may reach unconscionable proportions and cause you serious damage in the professional or family area. This scandal can be controlled in the same way that firefighters do in time of drought, by working to prevent fires, i.e., be content, isolate yourself or at least protect yourself from gossip and side conversations.


If you dream of a rat running.

This dream is nothing more than the set of longings and worries that assail you at the most inopportune times of the day, such as a work meeting, a family walk or the minutes before bedtime.

Try to step away and turn off electronic equipment at least thirty to forty minutes before going to bed, forget about the bad moments of the day and don’t talk about them when you get home, and try to take a relaxing bath in the late afternoon.

Dreaming of holding or catching a rat with your hands.

As expected, it is not positive. It refers to a serious illness affecting a family member or someone close to you whom you consider part of the family.

The act of holding the rat represents your efforts to contain the advance of this evil in the body of the bedridden person, either the disease itself, if you work in the health area and have the resources to do so, or the depression or isolation of the sick person. You must know beforehand that your efforts will have positive effects.

If you dream that a rat bites you

Disappointment. To dream that you are bitten by a rat indicates that you are going to experience the bitter taste of a disappointment caused by a false friendship. Unfortunately, there are people who only approach you out of interest, of whatever kind, and then abandon you without further contemplation.

Even if it is not a pleasant situation, try to see its positive aspect, the one that teaches you that, although you do not deserve to be disappointed in this way, you deserve even less to continue living with a false person.


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Dreaming of a rat running away

Keep your eyes open, as someone is taking advantage of your innocence to gather information about you from family members, close friends and colleagues, to harm you and then disappear, leaving the damage they have caused behind.


If you dream of many rats running away

This means that the time is coming when those who speak ill of you will be discovered. The masks will fall off, one by one, it will be impossible to hide behind the lies and the only way to get rid of the shame will be to flee to get away from you and all those who know the facts.

To dream of a very large rat

This dream is related to the size of the difficulties and problems you will have to face along the way, which means that the bigger the size of the rat, the greater the difficulties you will have to overcome. Strengthen your faith, be humble and ask for help when necessary, getting closer to people who really love you, so it will be easier for you to reach the top of the mountain.

If you dream of a gray rat

Bad omens. To dream of a gray rat is equivalent to gray and thick clouds, which will cover the brightness of the Sun, giving a sad and depressing aspect to our days, but do not let yourself be depressed by this news.

Perhaps you feel lacking in energy and unmotivated during the next weeks or months, the important thing is that you keep in mind that good winds will arrive to clear these clouds, giving way to a rainbow that will fill our life with color.

If you dream of a dead rat

End of a harmful relationship for you. This dream symbolizes that, in the same way that weeds are pulled out in a garden that fails to bloom, a toxic person will disappear from your life as if by magic.

If you still do not manage to know who this harmful and damaging being is for your plans and dreams, you will soon see with total clarity all the evil that he has caused you, poisoning other people against you and bewitching your critical sense so that you could not get to the source of sewage from which all the rottenness was flowing.

Dreaming of offspring

Beware because this dream symbolizes all those bad-hearted people who are willing to harm you in the most cowardly way, through spells, witchcraft, pacts and toxicity.

Try to stay firm within your religion or religious practices, eliminate bad habits from your life, do physical activity to cleanse the body of the energies accumulated during the day, tone your organism from the inside out and, most important of all, establish your unique and exclusive channel to talk to God through your heart.

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