What Does Persecution Mean In A Dream, Dreams About Persecution


What does it mean if you dream about Persecution? What is the interpretations of dreams about Persecution, meaning of dreams, dream dictionary.

What Does Persecution Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

Why do we dream that we are being persecuted?

The vast majority of the time our dreams reflect events that we have recently experienced and that have been recorded in our memories. However, it is much more common to dream that we are being persecuted than the real situations in which we have lived that experience. Even so, it is also possible that we feel protagonists in our dream of situations that we have seen in movies, read in books or heard as experiences of other people. If this is your case, do not look for a deeper meaning, your subconscious is reflecting memories.


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However, dreaming of being chased spontaneously, without a recent related experience, can lead to different interpretations. We show you the meaning of dreaming that you chase after.

What is the meaning of dreaming that you are being persecuted?

In general, dreaming of being persecuted occurs at times when you are going through an emotionally sensitive time, in which you have intense worries that affect you and disturb you. You may have some pending issue to solve to eliminate that feeling that overwhelms you and it is time to act.

It is also very possible that feelings of guilt and remorse flood you because of something you have done recently and with which you do not feel very well, you believe that you have not acted correctly and your conscience reminds you that that feeling remains there and persecutes you. You must remedy the situation to find peace.


There are other details of the dream that can help you to give a more concrete meaning, it is important that you remember the maximum information, such as: who was persecuting you ?, how did the persecution end? You can read below the different possible interpretations taking into account the characteristics of your dream, deciding which is the one that best suits your personal circumstances.

Interpretation of concrete dreams with which you are persecuted

Depending on who is pursuing you, different interpretations can be given. If a person persecutes you, the meaning is linked to what has been previously commented. It is likely that you are going through a situation that worries you or you feel remorse for some action undertaken. If the pursuer is an animal, it is very possible that it is related to your professional field. Dreaming of animals is one of the most common dreams, it will also depend a lot on what that animal means to you. To dream that a monster is pursuing you is a very common dream in childhood, but unusual in adulthood. It is a nightmare, fear of the unknown. It is important that you calm children after these types of dreams and offer them security.

Depending on the result of the persecution, its meaning may also vary. If you dream that they persecute you and reach you, it is very likely that you are not facing a problem as you should, that you are not acting to solve it and the matter may be overflowing. It is very common that in these dreams we wake up just when we are reached, at the height of tension. On the contrary, if you dream that you are persecuted but can not reach you, the meaning is more positive. Surely you have worries or you are going through difficulties but the fact that they do not reach you symbolizes that you are conscious and can look for a solution.

It can also be the case that in the dream you are the one who persecutes someone. Surely the person you are persecuting has acted negatively with you, feel offended, deceived or manipulated. It is an alert of your conscience against that person. If you think it’s appropriate to be able to solve things, it will help you eliminate that feeling from your mind.

In other cases, you can dream of running away or dreaming of escaping from a place where you are being held and feeling persecuted. These types of dreams reflect a need for change in your life, you crave more freedom and break the monotony.

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