What Does Losing Cell (Mobile) Phone Mean In a Dream? Dream About Losing Cell Phone


What does it mean if you lose your cell (mobile) phone in your dream? Interpretation of dreams about losing cell phone at home, at school, in a river etc.

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Dream About Losing Cell Phone

To dream that you lose your cell phone means that you have the feeling of being lost. Nowadays, people consider the cell phone as something that makes their lives much easier, given the amount of features it offers. In this device many things are stored that are a great help for our lives, so its lack will cause us problems.

Usually, when you lose your cell phone, you feel very frustrated or worried, as you need the information stored in the device. Thus, the loss is not only of a cell phone, but of many things that belong to you and may be lost forever.

For that reason, when you dream that you lose your cell phone, it refers to your feeling of being lost, that is, of not knowing how to act in a given situation. In order to better understand its message, it is necessary to take into account the details that appear in the dream. The general meaning relates to the idea of not knowing how to act, but the other elements of the dream will allow you to get a more specific interpretation.

Dreaming that you lose your cell phone on the floor

When you dream that you lose your cell phone on the floor, because it falls or something similar, it means that the feeling of loss is related to something that you consider basic. In this case, you are going through a complicated stage in your life. This is because you are facing some kind of problem in an area that you consider basic in your life, such as the ground you walk on.


So, although the dream may represent different issues, you know what it is about, given its importance. Here, the loss of the cell phone represents the loss of control over something very important in your life, something you want to resolve. The dream indicates that you must be patient in order to solve what needs to be solved.

The first thing you must do is come to understand that things will not go back to the way they were before the problem arose. However, it is possible to achieve something better in your life, remaking it as much as possible, and also enriching it. Just as the ground can be tidied up to find your cell phone, you too will find new ways to get your life on track in this area.

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Dreaming that you lose your cell phone in the river

Indicates a feeling of loss concerning your love life. You are aware that your relationship is ending, or perhaps this has already happened, and you do not know how to move on. In this sense, the dream arises to help you cope with your loss, comparing your life to the river.

Losing a cell phone in the river means that you will never find it again, as it will be washed away. However, that does not prevent you from getting a better one, that is, continuing to enjoy other things in your life. In this case, life is represented by the river, it will not stop because a relationship comes to an end, but it will go on and bring you new things. Therefore, the dream tells you that the time has come to focus on other positive things that exist in your life.

Dreaming that you lose your cell phone at home

To dream that you lose your cell phone inside your home indicates that you feel lost in your family relationship. This dream shows that you do not know how to relate to one or more people in your family. It is possible that there is something that is problematic, making the relationship difficult. However, the dream is trying to show you that the only thing you need to resolve this issue is to pay a little more attention.

When you lose something in your home, the worry is much less, because you know that you will eventually find that object. Likewise, you should not panic in real life, as your feeling of being lost can be worked out little by little, in your day-to-day relationship.

Dreaming that you lose your cell phone at someone else’s house

If you dream that you have lost your cell phone at someone’s house, the feeling of loss refers to your professional life. You may not have gotten the promotion you desire, or you may see how your peers are progressing in the profession, while you stay in the same place. The dream represents a sense of loss for something you never really had.


This is what someone else’s house represents, a loss occurring in someone else’s field. The dream indicates that it is time for you to stop focusing on the victories of others and focus more on what you want to achieve. Stop focusing on what others are achieving and focus your attention on your own activities, try to feel proud of what you are doing.

Dreaming that you lose your cell phone at school

To dream that you lose your cell phone at school indicates a feeling of loss related to learning. In this case, you feel lost to your growth, to the learning necessary to continue to evolve. The dream indicates that you have blocked yourself, which prevents you from learning new things or even becoming interested in new subjects.

In this sense, the dream comes to reassure you, establishing a parallel with school. As a student, you tend to show greater interest in some subjects, excelling in them, while you have difficulties in others. The same thing happens in life, so it is important to find out what is easier for you and what you like the most, trying to be happy without putting pressure on yourself to know everything.

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