What Does Kiss Mean In A Dream? Being Kissed, Kissing Lips Mean In Dream


What does kissing mean in a dream? Meaning of dreams about kisses, kissing lips, being kissed, kiss a stranger of an emeny meaning.

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Meaning of Dreams About Kiss

Dreaming about a kiss can represent those desires that are repressed or that are kept hidden. These types of dreams reflect wishes, but also fantasies that may go unnoticed by you. On the other hand, these dreams represent the mystery, in addition to being a direct and immediate connection with the spiritual world. There are various theories, however, one of them is the one that has gained more force, expressing that dreams with a kiss make the person present himself as he is. Next, you will know the meanings of some dreams.


In this type of dreams, the meaning will vary according to the context or the situation in which it occurs. Therefore, dreaming of a kiss can mean good luck, or be the reflection of those desires and longings repressed by the protagonist of the same. Even when you dream of kissing a person who is not in your life, this may be an indication that you miss him.

It is for this reason that you must be clear about each of the dreams to be able to inquire about their meanings. There are several variants of these dreams, which will be explained shortly.

Dreaming about being kissed

The dream where you get a kiss can have two meanings, clearly, it will depend on how the dream develops. A dream with a kiss, in which it is the other person who initiates it, means that you have dissatisfaction in sexual relations.


The other aspect is when you are the one who initiates the kiss, there the meaning changes and is the reflection of a problem that you have and must fix, in addition to that it can represent concern for the same problem to which you cannot find a solution.


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Dreaming that you kiss a person on the neck

The dream in which you kiss a person on the neck represents passion and desire. For this reason, this type of dreams is nothing more than the desire, longing and temptations that you feel for people of the other sex. Apart from this, it represents that you are usually weak to resist such temptations.

Dreaming that you kiss an enemy

The dreams where you appear kissing your enemy, do not represent a bad omen or bad luck as you think. On the contrary, dreaming of a kiss in such a context means that you will be able to reconcile with a friend or person important to you, with whom you find yourself upset.

By interpreting these types of dreams in this way, you can see that it does not represent any bad omen, but rather good news.

Dreaming that you kiss a deceased person

Those dreams where you kiss a deceased person means good luck. You may find yourself missing a close person who died. That longing to have her close to her, along with the emotion of seeing her and missing him, is what makes her appear in your dreams.

You do not have to worry, if you find yourself kissing a deceased person in a dream, it means that, when you start your projects or goals, your path will be surrounded by good luck.


Dreaming that you kiss a relative

The dreams in which you kiss a relative can be seen from two points of view, the first is if in the dream you are kissing your mother, be clear that it is the best omen of good luck, even after dreaming of a kiss. of this nature. You can feel valued and loved by both your family and your friends.

If the dream takes place in a scenario where the one you kiss is your brother, it represents that you will have moments of happiness, both with your family and with your friends and other loved ones.

Dreaming that you kiss a stranger

In dreams where you kiss a stranger, it can be indicated or reflected through the loss of integrity that you will have. Because, you will decide to let yourself be carried away by the temptations and live another kind of life to which you were used.

On the other hand, this type of dreams can also be a clear reflection of a love disappointment, and of course a dissatisfaction from the sexual point of view.

Dreaming of kissing a friend

Those dreams in which you kiss a friend indicate that you have feelings for this person and the only thing you want is for them to be reciprocated. In the same way, dreaming of a kiss from a friend can signify the affective, intimate and complicit relationship that both share.

Dreaming of a kiss on the hand

Dreams where they kiss your hand can have different meanings, the first of which is respect and that you are looking for the company of a person, and that you are ready to start a love relationship.

However, it can also mean betrayal and disinterest. To understand how to differentiate each meaning, you will only have to pay attention to the place where you are kissed. It can be the palm of the hand, and in this case it is a sign of bad faith and of hiding intentions, or kissing the back of it, where it is a clear meaning of affection and respect.


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Dreaming about being kissed on the forehead

Those dreams where they kiss your forehead, or otherwise you are the one who kisses the forehead of another person. They have curious and interesting meanings. If you are the one who kisses a person, then it is related to the respect and affection that you have for him, in addition to that you feel grateful.

The meaning changes when you are the one who receives the kiss, as it may have a direct connection that the person kissing you is not telling you the truth. However, these dreams are also related to a lack of self-esteem.

Dreaming of a kiss on the cheek

When it comes to cheek kiss dreams, the meaning is completely varied. First, because if you receive a kiss from your partner, it means fidelity. Which changes completely when in the dream a friend is reflected kissing you on the cheek, since it means that difficult times are approaching.


On the other hand, dreaming of a kiss on the cheek can also be a clear sign that the person you kiss, even though they love you, does not correspond to you in the same way that you do.

Dreaming of kissing the lips

Dreams that involve a kiss on the lips can have various connotations, including the beginning of a new love relationship, but also sexual awakening.

These types of dreams can have different meanings, and each of them will depend on how it develops. In general, dreaming of a kiss is positive, both because it indicates a love relationship and because it is an omen of good luck.

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