What does it mean to dream of Jealousy? Meaning of Dreams About Jealousy


What does it mean to be jealous in a dream, to see someone jealous? How to be jealous of someone in a dream, how to interpret seeing a jealousy crisis, meanings.

Dreams About Jealousy

At some point in your life you have surely felt jealous of someone. In fact, it is a spontaneous and normal reaction in human beings, even if it is not positive. Insignificant jealousy, which comes and goes quickly, is acceptable. But when this feeling becomes obsessive, it can be very detrimental to our life.


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If you have dreamed that you felt jealousy, it may be related to the fear you have of losing someone you love or lack of trust in a boyfriend, partner etc. Other times these dreams with jealousy have to do with a poorly resolved situation with parents, which leads someone to feel insecure in relation to the person they love.

If you have had a strange dream, in which you experience a crisis of jealousy, although it does not correspond to your character, it is important to analyze the meaning and hidden messages in this dream.

Generally speaking, the meaning of dreaming of jealousy is related to the fear of loss. The stronger the feeling, the greater the intensity of jealousy. Both in real life and in dreams.


Your subconscious may be sending you a warning to correct immature and childish behavior that you have manifested with your closest relationships. Not necessarily in a romantic relationship, but with people in general – friends, siblings, children, etc.

But this is only a general interpretation. There are other interpretations depending on the context of the dream. Try to remember as many details as possible and continue reading the most repeated dreams about jealousy along with their respective interpretation.

Dreaming of being jealous of your partner

This dream shows an excessive preoccupation with pleasing the person you love. It indicates that this feeling of insecurity and fear of losing may lead you to behave differently than usual: either too solicitous, attentive, or too passive.

The advice hidden in this dream is: it is not worth changing your personality to please anyone. Also, to dream that you feel jealous of your partner may be a warning to put yourself first in your life. After all, the more you value yourself, the better it will be for your relationship.

If you dream of fighting because of jealousy.

If in the dream you were fighting or arguing with someone because of jealousy, there is some area of great insecurity in your life. It is not necessarily related to a husband(wife) or partner, but it may be a warning that in some area of your life you are not valuing yourself as you should. Try to evaluate to what extent you are proud of yourself or whether you always need the attention or recognition of others.

To dream of a crisis of jealousy

This dream is a warning for you to try to control your feelings and reactions better. Do not allow any dissatisfaction to lead to an explosion. The reaction because of jealousy, even in the dream, indicates that you are frustrated by the lack of recognition you are receiving in some area of your life. You may be escalating a situation or even generating “stories” of something that doesn’t exist. Take some time to take care of yourself without depending on anyone else.

If you dream of feeling or being jealous of your husband or wife.

This dream can have two interpretations, but both are related to taking care of your relationship. The first: you may feel frustrated at not receiving attention or praise from your partner – and you may feel undervalued. That’s why your subconscious brings this problem to the surface: to remind you that it’s not the other person you should be looking to for appreciation, but yourself.


The second: are you paying due attention to your partner? Perhaps you are so focused on yourself that you don’t realize that the other person also needs care and affection. Changing your attitude can improve the situation for both parties.

Dreaming that you feel jealous of your ex

This dream may indicate a poorly resolved problem in the past: a breakup that you have not managed to process well, someone you are unable to forget, even if he or she has gone with someone else. On the other hand, it is possible that this dream reveals a pattern of behavior of yours: you are unable to let go of anything.

Even if you no longer desire it (a love, an object, a job), you do not accept the idea of someone else possessing something that was once yours. Work on this feeling better, find the root of this behavior and free yourself to live better.

Dreaming of a jealous person

It is possible that this dream reveals that there is someone in your life who behaves like a possessive person. Your subconscious is sending you the message that it is unhealthy to live under so much pressure and burden.

But it may also indicate that you are the one exhibiting possessive and obsessive behavior that brings suffering into your life, even if you don’t immediately notice it.

In any case, are we going to work on the root of all this insecurity and burdens? Be careful also with the toxic people around you, so that they do not steal your energy.

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To dream of childish jealousy

This dream indicates that you carry a great deal of insecurity within you. It also indicates that you often act immaturely in your relationships, whether in love, family or friends. To understand it better, remember that a child always demands attention, because he still depends on being cared for. But an adult does not.

This is the message that the dream brings you: grow up and abandon childish behaviors.Β On the other hand, the dream with childish jealousy may indicate that you feel unappreciated by someone who represents the father/father figure in your life. The need for recognition brings these issues to the surface, in dream form.

If you dream of feeling/having jealousy at work.

This dream indicates that you feel pressured and overworked at your job (or on a specific project), which causes you to feel that you are not getting the recognition you need. Try to take personal problems personally. To be valued, you need to give yourself more value and trust more in your ability.

Dreaming that you do not feel jealousy

At first, this dream seems to indicate that you are a self-confident and very determined person. But the hidden message is that you are somewhat afraid to get involved, so you control your relationships a lot.

Being jealous is not very positive, but the total absence of this feeling may mean that you are not really giving yourself away. Seek balance – in love, friendship or family relationships – and be happy!


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