What does it mean to Dream of Counterfeit Money (Fake Money)?


What does counterfeit money mean in a dream? Interpretations of dreams about spending counterfeit money, earning, finding counterfeit money, being arrested because of counterfeit money.

Dreams About Counterfeit Money

Dreams About Counterfeit Money

To dream of counterfeit money means that turbulent times are ahead in your financial life. In addition, it may also be a warning because you have been worrying too much about the opinions of irrelevant people, who may be on your side just to take advantage of you.

Having dreams with counterfeit money may at first glance seem like a bad thing, but it is actually an excellent help you can receive. It carries the message that something is wrong in your life before something worse can happen. In this way, you have the opportunity to review your financial situation, as well as whether you have assessed what is truly important in life and whether certain people you associate with are really worth your time.

If you have had a dream with a more specific situation, with details involving counterfeit money, read the article to the end to find the correct interpretation.

Dreaming that you see counterfeit money

If the dream was you seeing counterfeit money, it is a warning that you have placed your expectations on something that has caught your attention because of its appearance, but is actually no good. Don’t forget that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Pay more attention to what you have invested in, whether it is a relationship or a habit that is not as good as you imagined.

Now, if you have seen fake money in someone else’s hands, it is because someone needs help, is going through difficult times. Find out who it is and show them that you are by their side, listen to them and try to support them in this difficult time. You will be rewarded for it, but don’t do it thinking only of receiving. That’s not how things work in life.

To dream that you are shopping with counterfeit money

To dream that you are shopping with counterfeit money means that you have not handled situations in your life too well. Things have happened in front of you and you have not known how to distinguish the good from the bad. In the long run, this will affect you, even if you now have the false feeling that everything is going well. Be more conscious of what you do, more responsible. Act consistently in all areas of your life.

Dreaming that you earn fake money

If in your dream you have earned false money, it means that you have put too many expectations in something or someone that may end up disappointing you, because it is not as you thought. Be a little more realistic, learn to distinguish people’s limits and try harder if you want to reach a higher level in your life. Standing still will get you nowhere.

Dreaming that you find counterfeit money

This dream is a warning that you are about to receive something good, something you didn’t expect. Something really good. But beware, this “gift” will charge you interest. It will demand something in return. The person doing you this favor wants something you would not normally do, but will use what they have done for you as a means of blackmail. Beware.

Dreaming that you are arrested for using counterfeit money.

A dream of this type is nothing more than a sign that you have pangs of conscience for something you did. It may have been an attitude you took towards someone, harsh words that shouldn’t have been said or even something more complicated.

It is never too late to repent and try to undo or fix what you have done wrong. We all make mistakes, but we also learn how to fix them to evolve spiritually and mentally. Get rid of the weight you carry on your conscience.


To dream that you break counterfeit money

To dream that you break counterfeit money means something very good. Like other ways of destroying or getting rid of counterfeit money, this one means that you have escaped a trap. Someone close to you was trying to get you to do something that was going to affect you, but you didn’t let yourself go down that road. Beware of attempts by people around you to get you into trouble.

Dreaming that you are exchanging counterfeit money

Exchanging money in dreams is an omen that your material possessions will increase. But it also depends on how this exchange has taken place. If you have exchanged counterfeit money for other counterfeit bills, it is a sign that there is some trouble in your life, because of some friendship that is not sincere and that you continue to maintain without realizing it. Be careful with whom you relate and check who is really your friend or who just wants to take advantage of you.

Now, if in your dream you exchanged counterfeit money for real money, it is because you have recently got rid of a weight that was in your mind, affecting your emotional life. The real bills represent good things to come and that what was not good has been taken out of your hands.

To dream that you burn counterfeit money

Burning counterfeit money in a dream is a very good sign. You have recently let go of something that was not good for you, whether it was a relationship or some habit you had. Just like the money, which was being consumed by fire, this bad situation that was affecting you without you realizing it has also been melting away.

Knowing this, take some time to try to figure out what it was. This way you will be able to prevent the situation from happening again. Also pay attention to the possibility that there may be other problems in your life that you need to identify and resolve.

To dream that you have counterfeit money in your wallet

To dream that you have counterfeit money in your wallet is a sign that you have not organized yourself well financially. You have worked hard at work and soon you will have the opportunity to move up in your profession. However, you have not spent wisely what you have, and this can be dangerous in the medium term.

Set spending goals, be careful with the debts you are going to take on, organize yourself better. Just because your dreams are about to come true doesn’t mean you no longer have to work hard. Reflect on what is ideal for you, study about financial education and in time you will enjoy the results.

Dreaming that you lose fake money

If you have dreamed that you lost fake money, it is a good sign. As much as the fact of losing is something “bad”, when it comes to fake money is indicative that you are going to get rid of something or someone that is harmful to you. It will be an unpleasant change at first, but you will soon realize that this loss has been beneficial to your life.

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