What does it mean to dream of a dead person in a coffin?


What does it mean to dream about a dead person in a coffin? Interpretation of dreams about a stranger in a coffin, yourself in a coffin, a friend in a coffin and more.

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This dream means that you are facing difficulties in overcoming something. The wake, in which the dead person is inside the coffin, is held so that people can begin the period of mourning for a loved one who has passed away.

Therefore, when it appears in our dreams, it indicates that it is necessary to live the period of mourning for something that has come to an end.

This dream does not necessarily refer to the passing of someone you know, although that could be the case, but it could be about anything that you do not allow to go away.

It could refer to a relationship that has ended, a friendship that has broken up, or the loss of a job. Its interpretation will depend on the details contained in the dream.


Dreaming of a dead stranger in a coffin

It means that you have not yet realized how attached you are to something, even if it is obvious to others. It is possible that someone has advised you to “move on” and you have ignored the advice. In this case, the dream comes to tell you to do so, to leave the past behind and move on with your life.

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If the deceased person was a relative

If it is a relative or someone dear to you, the dream comes to tell you that what has come to an end was something extremely important to you. This dream shows that you are suffering from this loss, which represents a lot in your life.

To dream this also indicates that, although it may be difficult, there are many things that are part of our life and we cannot control them, but we must learn to live once they are over.

If the person inside was a child

Regardless of whether or not you knew the boy or girl, the meaning speaks of stubbornness. Sometimes, children are stubborn, even when adults tell them to stop doing something.

Likewise, the person having this dream knows not to hold on to a certain thing, but continues to do it, even though they know it could be hurting them.

If you were the person inside

In this case, not only does it indicate that you should leave something behind, but it is also about something related to your person. This dream indicates that you are holding on to ways of acting or thinking that have worked at other times in your life, but no longer fit.

If it was a friend

Was the person inside the coffin one of your friends who is still alive in real life? Unfortunately, it is very common to have this type of dream. But you should not worry about death, because the dream does not have that meaning.


What the dream is trying to convey to you is that you should enjoy more the moments with your friends. Lately you have been isolating yourself and that is hurting you. The dream is a message for you to seek more moments with your friends, have fun and enjoy their company.

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