What does it mean to Dream of a Burning Car? Dream About a Car on Fire


What does it mean if you dream about a burning car? Interpretation of dreams about a car on fire, you set a car on fire, a stranger’s car is on fire, meanings.

Dream About a Car on Fire

Dream About a Car on Fire

To dream of a car on fire means that you are very determined, excited and focused to get what you want so badly, in the future or in the present. Strange as it may seem, the burning car represents all the road you have traveled so far and the progress you have made to achieve your goals. The flame represents all the joy and willpower you have.

However, it can also have a much more personal meaning. It is possible that in your subconscious you harbor certain desires to end a relationship, so take this dream as a warning and try to talk to your partner.

But there are other, more concrete interpretations. Below, we have compiled the different variants of these dreams along with their corresponding interpretation. Try to remember some more concrete details about your dream, look for the context that best fits your dream and find out what meaning lies behind it.


To dream that you see a car on fire

To dream that you see a car on fire refers to the possibility of suffering a loss because of the opportunities you have missed, feeling unable to excel in certain occasions. On an economic level, pay attention to your expenses and try to save, in order to be able to face any problems that may arise.

To dream that your car is on fire

To dream that your car is on fire means that a much desired project will not come true. Therefore, it is a good time to think of a plan B or to take a break and reflect on your possibilities for action.

Think about how you could upgrade in a practical way, how you could improve and extract your maximum potential. Draw up your project on paper and leave it there, as carrying it out could mean a significant financial loss. It is not that you lose hope or give up what you want, but that you review your strategies.

To dream that you are the one who sets the car on fire

To dream that you set fire to a car means a waste of energy or efforts that have turned out to be totally useless, especially if it is your car and not that of a friend, relative or stranger.

The detail of the flames has the symbolism of emotional aggressiveness, lack of rationality and composure. Dreaming about this subject carries a serious warning. Start changing your behavior from now on, or you will soon suffer serious consequences.

Dreaming that you try to put out a car fire

To dream that you try to put out a car fire means that you are in danger. The details show that you are quite vulnerable, and somehow, this vulnerability relates to your daily behavior.


Pay attention to any problems that could harm your health, because the dream often refers to this. Observe any abnormal details in your body that may represent some danger to you. Try to maintain an exercise routine and a healthy diet and consult your doctor if necessary.

To dream of several cars on fire

To dream of several cars on fire means that someone is looking for your help. It can be a friend or a relative. It is usually related to financial aid, because the detail of several cars on fire represents the damage that this person has suffered.

Do not think twice about helping, because, as the popular saying goes: “one hand washes the other”. Empathy with others always generates positive results in our lives.

Dreaming that a stranger’s car is on fire

To dream that a stranger’s car is on fire means that your financial life will soon take very positive directions, because just as the flame spreads quickly, soon this great financial moment will spread and become a reality.

If you are currently employed, you will soon get a raise or a good promotion in your company. If you are not working at the moment, it is an omen that your life will change and you will be offered a job.

On the other hand, you may feel insecure or you may be suffering because of the criticism you receive for the decisions you make. This makes you feel ashamed or unable to express your feelings, especially when it comes to establishing a romantic relationship with another person.

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